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Can You Install A Fat Bob Tank On Sportster? (Answered)

The Harley-Davidson Sportster is an iconic motorcycle model renowned for its versatility and array of customization ranges. Enhancing their beloved ride, many owners choose to add a fat bob tank – otherwise known as the peanut tank – which helps them stand out from the pack while adding a stylish flair.

With its shorter and wider design, a fat bob tank gives Sportster bikes an eye-catching aesthetic reminiscent of the classic Bobber motorcycles from decades past. Its unique shape resembles that of a peanut shell, aptly earning it the nickname “peanut”. By bearing this name, riders can honor those who rode these original vintage motorbikes while also enjoying their own modernized version.

If you’re looking for a more classic and vintage look on your Sportster, then the Fat Bob tank is perfect for you. Not to mention the weight distribution of this shorter and wider shape will make handling even easier while giving you an extra-large capacity that lets riders travel longer distances between fill-ups!

Installing A Fat Bob Tank On Sportster

Installing a fat bob tank on Sportster is an uncomplicated task, however it does necessitate some mechanical expertise and the correct tools. The commencement of this process involves taking out your current fuel tank from the motorcycle – disconnecting everything like its fuel lines, electrical connections, or any other attachments that might be anchoring it in there. As soon as you’ve removed the old one completely, we can go ahead and affix the new fat bob tank!

Installing the new fat bob tank on Sportster tank may require customizing certain components of your bike, such as raising or lowering it to line up with the seat and handlebars. To ensure a secure installation process, make sure you correctly reconnect all fuel lines and electrical connections. Additionally, check that everything is firmly secured before heading out for a ride!

Before purchasing the fat bob tank, it’s imperative to confirm its compatibility with your particular Sportster model. To ensure that you make a successful purchase, seek advice from either the manufacturer or a certified mechanic.

Concluding Thoughts

To sum up, the Fat Bob tank is a favorite of Sportster owners for its retro aesthetic and balanced weight. Though it’s an uncomplicated installation process, some mechanical know-how and tools are necessary. Be sure to securely install your new tank while also double checking fuel lines and electrical connections before you purchase!


Below are some of the most freqently asked questions on installing a fat bob tank on Sportster:

What is a fat bob tank and how does it differ from the standard tank on a Sportster?

The classic fat bob tank, resembling the tanks of 1940s and 1950s Bobber motorcycles and aptly dubbed for its “peanut” shape, is shorter and wider than a typical Sportster fuel tank. This timeless style evokes nostalgia from days past while remaining relevant in today’s motorcycle world.

Why do Sportster owners choose to install a fat bob tank?

Sportster owners who desire a classic, vintage look often choose to install a fat bob tank. The shorter yet wider shape not only provides the aesthetic they want but it also offers better weight distribution on their motorcycle; this makes handling and maneuvering much easier. On top of that, its larger fuel capacity means riders can go further in between fill-ups!

Is installing a fat bob tank on a Sportster a difficult process?

Installing a fat bob tank on Sportster can easily be achieved with basic mechanical know-how and the right tools. Start by disconnecting all fuel lines, electrical connections, and any other attachments that are linking in the current fuel tank to its frame; once removed, you’ll then be able to put in place your new fat bob tank.

You may need do some slight adjustments to both your bike’s frame or components for it to fit perfectly into position – but don’t worry! It won’t take long before you’re ready to hit those roads again with an upgraded look.

Is a fat bob tank compatible with all Sportster models?

Before you make the purchase, it is advisable to verify whether your Sportster model can accommodate a fat bob tank. In order to ensure compatibility, be sure to contact either the manufacturer or an experienced mechanic for further information and advice.

How much does a fat bob tank cost?

The price of a fat bob tank can differ based on the brand, materials used, and region. Typically, you will find sportster fat bob tanks ranging between $200 to $500.

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