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Khrome Werks vs Rinehart – Which Exhaust is Right for You?

With so many exhaust system upgrades available for your Harley Davidson motorcycle, it can be overwhelming to select the right one. Two of the most sought after options are Khrome Werks vs Rinehart systems. To assist you in deciding which model is best suited to your needs, this article will analyze each individual system’s advantages and drawbacks.

Khrome Werks Exhaust System

First off, the Khrome Werks exhaust system was tested by one of my close friends recently. He reported that the 110 motor generated a more audible sound than when used with an 88 or 96 engine.

After he originally built their 4″ shell with a set of Fulsac 2″ cores, they were enthralled that the sound was deep and loud without being overly irritating. However, after 5000 miles had passed by, not only did the mufflers become louder than anticipated but it also caused torque to be lost at lower RPMs and led to an unpleasant idling experience.

After installing the Khrome Werks exhaust system, the my friend took it for a 500-mile spin and was pleasantly surprised. The engine idled quietly and smoothly upon startup with no pinging whatsoever; moreover, it maintained its rock-solid idle speed throughout his ride.

Additionally, the torque was back to performing optimallyand the motor had no restrictions when revving past 5000 rpm. What’s more, Khrome Werks exhaust system weighs only 8 lbs each and its mounting brackets are identical to stock units for a straightforward setup process.

The Khrome Werks exhaust system is an excellent choice for those who still want to enjoy the feeling of a revving motor without being too loud. It produces awesome, consistent low-end and midrange torque that allows the engine to get up to speed quickly and easily. That said, its sound could possibly increase over time but only longterm use will tell us for sure.

Rinehart Exhaust System

Now, let’s examine the Rinehart exhaust system. Subsequently, the same friend of mine, installed the 4-inch Rinehart mufflers with Slimline Duals on their 2014 Street Glide Special, and they say that the installation was a breeze – anyone who has had experience tinkering with bikes ought to be able to install this without issue.

Not only was he impressed with Rinehart’s sleek chrome exhaust system, but they were also pleasantly surprised by its remarkably good fit and finish. And when it comes to sound? The slimline duals emit a medium-to-loud roar that is much louder than any stock exhaust could ever produce.

With a subtle squeeze of the throttle, the slender duals crackle alive with sound just as thunderous as his genuine duals could. Yet if he eases up on it slightly, they quietly purr into a pleasant and bearable rumble.

We noticed that the lower RPM range lacked torque compared to his true duals, but he was pleasantly surprised with how well the slimline duals performed. He even noted a slight improvement. In sum, installing Rinehart exhaust system as part of their stage 1 upgrade proved to be an excellent decision.

Which Exhaust System is Right for You?

When it comes to Khrome Werks vs Rinehart exhaust systems, the decision can be tricky. Khrome Werks is ideal for those who prefer a quieter ride with that classic motor rhythm. You’ll enjoy good torque for low-to-mid range rides without sacrificing performance at higher speeds; however you should expect some noise increase over time with this system.

For those seeking a balance of performance and sound, the Rinehart system is an optimal option. In reviews, it has been said that these Slimline Duals with 4 inch Rinehart Mufflers provide a deep rumble which is not as loud as their true dual systems but still produces a sound level between medium to loud – exponentially better than stock exhaust noise. At cruising speed you can hear this vibrant hum yet simultaneously enjoy your music.

Khrome Werks vs Rinehart – Installation and Fitment

The Rinehart system was commended for its ease of installation, even by amateurs. The instructions were concise and accompanied with helpful pictures to make the setup a breeze. The only downside pointed out during the review was difficulty seating the exhaust gaskets, which is attributed to improper placement on a garage floor instead of an elevated motorcycle lift.

Installing the Rinehart system is straightforward, with one caveat – its exhaust runs close to the transmission cover. However, this potential issue has been taken into consideration by providing a cutout for it in the heat shield.

Khrome Werks vs Rinehart – Appearance and Performance

The Rinehart system was widely praised for its captivating appearance and pristine chrome. This product is well-known for its superior fit, finish, and quality due to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into it. In particular, reviewers highlighted the polished cover on the balance pipe as a standout feature of this system’s design.

The Rinehart system demonstrated a marked increase in torque at lower RPMs, outperforming the reviewer’s former true dual setup. Although it is unclear how much horsepower was gained from this upgrade, there was an observable boost which initiates a successful stage 1 enhancement.

Khrome Werks vs Rinehart Comparison Table

AspectKhrome WerksRinehart Slimline Duals
SoundVery quiet at idle, gets deeper and louder under accelerationMedium to loud, settles into a nice rumble at cruising speed
PerformanceGood smooth low end and midrange torque, allowed the motor to rev freely beyond 5000 rpmMaintained torque in the lower RPM range, showed a little improvement in performance
InstallationSimple task, mounting brackets are an exact duplicate of stockRelatively easy, comes with short and to the point instructions with key photos
FitmentNo issues with fitmentCrosses very close to the transmission cover, has a supplied cutout for the transmission cover
AppearanceChrome quality looks good out of the box, deep and muffled sound with no tinny soundPristine chrome with an awesome cover over the balance pipe, writing appears laser etched
PriceTypically priced lower than RinehartTypically priced higher than Khrome Werks
Overall ImpressionGreat if you want to stay pretty quiet but audible enough to hear the rhythm of the motor, good for long distance ridesA great option if you want an exhaust that is loud when you want it to be but tolerable at cruising speeds, great for a first step in a stage 1 upgrade
Khrome Werks vs Rinehart Comparison Table

Khrome Werks vs Rinehart – Overall Impressions

Ultimately, both the Khrome Werks vs Rinehart exhaust systems have their pros and cons. If you desire a low-noise system with excellent lower mid-range torque that additionally permits your engine to rev up past 5000 RPM, then maybe it’s best for you to choose the Khrome Werks system.

If you’re looking for a compromise between power and noise, with a deep roar that’s an upgrade from the standard dual system, then Rinehart Slimline Duals combined with 4 inch Rinehart Mufflers is your best bet. This combination will give you everything you need in terms of performance while ensuring optimal sound quality without being too loud.

Ultimately, the selection of an exhaust system comes down to your personal tastes, priorities and style. Prior to deciding on one particular setup, take time for thorough research; investigate reviews plus try out different systems if accessible. Whether you opt for either option or something entirely different , a well-chosen aftermarket exhaust will deliver substantial performance perks along with enhancing the sound and appearance of your motorcycle.

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