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P0118 Harley Code – Causes, Symptoms, and Fixes

For motorcycles fans, a warning light in the dashboard can be exceedingly discouraging. If you don’t comprehend what is causing it, then that frustration may grow even more severe. The code P0118 Harley Code falls into this category. Here we will explain what P0118 Harley Code is and how to find its causes, symptoms, and solutions – so there’s no need for panic.

What is P0118 Harley Code?

Harley Davidson drivers, be aware that a P0118 engine code potentially points to an issue with the voltage circuit of your motorcycle’s temperature sensor. This is often referred to as the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor. If this ECT reading comes in either too high or too low, it’ll trigger this warning light and cause you some trouble. Pay attention and stay one step ahead.

Symptoms of P0118 Harley Code

When your engine light is illuminated and the P0118 code is triggered, you’ll likely detect a few tell-tale signs. These may include:

  1. Overheating: If the temperature of the engine exceeds its normal range, it may cause an overheating effect.
  2. Poor fuel efficiency: Your fuel efficiency could be negatively impacted due to an inefficient engine.
  3. Poor engine performance: Is your bike not as responsive when you’re trying to accelerate? Do you experience any hesitation or stalling while attempting to get up to speed?
  4. Hard starting: Firing up your motorcycle can be hard work or take more time than necessary.

Causes of P0118 Harley Code

The P0118 code is often triggered by a glitch in the engine temperature sensor voltage circuit. Potential causes include:

  1. Loose or damaged sensor connector: The connection between the sensor and connector may become weak or deteriorated, resulting in a inadequate link to the device.
  2. Failed sensor: The sensor could malfunction, leading to an excessive or insufficient voltage.
  3. Faulty wiring: It’s possible that the wiring connected to the sensor is deteriorating or corroded, resulting in a weak connection with the sensor.

Fixes for P0118 Harley Code

Depending on the root of the P0118 code, these fixes can help resolve it:

  1. Check the sensor connector: Your primary move should be to inspect the sensor connector. Make certain it is securely connected and that no harm has been done to either the wiring or its connection.
  2. Replace the sensor: If this sensor is malfunctioning, it may require a replacement. To confirm if the device needs to be substituted, have an expert perform a diagnostic scan for accurate results.
  3. Check the wiring: If the wires connected to your sensor have been compromised in any way, whether due to damage or corrosion, you may need to repair or replace them.
  4. Clear the code: After resolving the issue, use a diagnostic tool to clear any associated codes from the bike’s computer.

If the engine temperature sensor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced, you can use HD Part# 32446-99 as a direct replacement for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Built specifically for this purpose, it will help fix P0118 Harley Code quickly and effectively.

It’s critical to take advantage of only genuine Harley Davidson parts for your bike’s sensor replacement in order to ensure the highest quality and a perfect fitment with its electrical system. Using off-brand components may cause further issues and could even void any warranties associated with your motorcycle.


To conclude, the P0118 Harley Code is a diagnostic trouble code that signals an issue with the engine temperature sensor voltage circuit. Typical symptoms include overheating of your vehicle, excessive fuel consumption, decreased engine power output, and difficult starting.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms associated with a P0118 code, it’s essential to get your bike inspected by an expert. The causes may include anything from an insecure or damaged sensor connector, failed sensor system, and even faulty wiring. Any one of these could be resolved by inspecting the sensors for damage/loose connectors, replacing them as necessary, checking all relevant wiring connections and clearing any codes that have been generated – critical steps towards getting back on the road.


Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to P0118 Harley Code:

What does P0118 Harley Code mean?

Harley Davidson motorcycle owners may experience a P0118 code, which informs them of an engine temperature sensor voltage circuit malfunction. Commonly referred to as the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor error, this issue should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage.

What are the symptoms of P0118 Harley Code?

Common signs of P0118 Harley Code are excessive engine temperatures, subpar fuel economy, diminished power output and difficulty starting.

What causes P0118 Harley Code?

An engine temperature sensor voltage circuit malfunction can cause the P0118 code to appear. Common culprits include a disconnected or damaged connector, an inoperative sensor, and faulty wiring.

How do I fix P0118 Harley Code?

In order to remedy the P0118 code, it is essential to identify the source of the issue. Possible solutions include assessing your sensor connector, exchanging out your sensor, inspecting all wiring involved and erasing any existing codes.

Can I still ride my bike with P0118 Harley Code?

To avoid any possible damage to your engine, it’s essential not to ride your bike with the P0118 code. It is highly recommended that you take your bike for a check-up from a certified technician in order to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Can I clear P0118 Harley Code without fixing the problem?

Ignoring the underlying issue by just clearing the code won’t be helpful as it will only be a temporary solution. The same problem is likely to recur and its symptoms might continue, so it’s always best to get your bike checked out thoroughly by an experienced technician who can accurately diagnose and fix the issue.

How can I prevent P0118 Harley Code from occurring?

To avoid a P0118 code from arising, make sure that the engine temperature sensor connector of your motorcycle is intact and secure. Additionally, routine maintenance and upkeep of your bike’s electrical system can also help to prevent this code from appearing.

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