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P2122 Harley Code – Potential Causes and Solutions

Harley Davidson motorcycles are synonymous with classic style and remarkable power, however like any other machine they can experience technical complications from time to time. One of the most frequently encountered difficulties for Harley owners is error codes, which may be difficult to diagnose and repair. In this text we shall explore P2122 Harley code relating to the Throttle By Wire (TBW) system and its implications.

Understanding the P2122 Harley Code

The P2122 Harley code is a sign of an issue with the Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch D circuit Low Input. This indicates that either your TGS (Throttle Grip Sensor) or your TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) in the TBW system might be malfunctioning, and thus leading to lower than usual voltage signals being sent to the ECM (Engine Control Module). Consequently, this can cause poor acceleration, unsteady idling speeds, or even stalling.

Diagnosing the P2122 Harley Code

As the overview stated, a Harley Davidson rider changed out their handlebars on their Street Glide FLHXS 2018 and then experienced the P2122 Harley code along with P1510 and P2130. The initial step in diagnosing this dilemma is to examine the TBW system as well as its components such as sensors and wiring. Despite having rewired every part of it plus switching out for a Screamin Eagle TBW, this person’s mechanic failed to solve it; hence they continued struggling with these codes.

After checking the connector beneath the cover of his front wheel, he realized one pin had dislodged. This is a typical issue when transferring handlebars or doing any adjustments that involve disconnecting your TBW system. All it took was sliding the pin back in place and, voila. The problem was solved.

Clearing the Codes in the ECM

Upon resolving the physical problem with the TBW system, the owner encountered another hurdle – clearing error codes. Here is where the ECM (Engine Control Module) swoops in to save the day. Think of it as your motorcycle’s brain; it oversees various functions and keeps an eye on sensor readings. Whenever a mistake code appears, it will store that info until you manually delete it from its memory bank.

To restore the codes, an owner must connect to the ECM using a diagnostic tool or software and reset it. This can be tricky since some applications demand certain steps or passwords for access to the ECM. But once they clear all of those hurdles, they are able to test drive their motorcycle and confirm that everything is functioning smoothly with the TBW system.

Preventing Future P2122 Harley Codes

Although the P2122 code has been fixed in this situation, it is important to bear in mind that similar error codes can resurface if the original issue isn’t completely resolved. To defend against future TBW system and ECM errors, Harley owners should follow these instructions:

  1. Exercise vigilance when tinkering with the TBW system. Prior to firing up your motorbike, ensure all connections and wiring are properly inspected twice over.
  2. If you encounter an error code, don’t ignore it. Even if the check engine light is not illuminated, the code could still be stored in the ECM and affect performance.
  3. To clear codes properly, use specialized diagnostic tools or software. Do not attempt shortcuts such as disconnecting the battery as this can lead to further problems.
  4. Make sure to consistently inspect the TBW system and its attached components for signs of damage or deterioration. Immediately replace any parts that appear worn out, and guarantee all connections are firmly secured.

Final View On P2122 Harley code

In conclusion, the P2122 Harley code is a Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch D circuit Low Input alert that usually stems from issues with the TBW system. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify and solve this problem quickly in order to avoid any negative consequences like poor motorcycle performance or stalling.

If you come across this error code, the initial step is to examine TBW system and its components like wires and connectors. For software-related problems, it’s essential to erase the codes from ECM with diagnostic devices or programs.

Frustration may arise when diagnosing and fixing the typical P2122 code issue of Harley owners. Nonetheless, by carefully following this article’s steps or calling a professional mechanic if needed, you can ensure your motorcycle runs optimally and prevent limp mode or other related issues from arising due to this error code.

Moreover, it is essential to be aware that the Street Glide FLHXS 2018 owner’s success in resolving their P2122 error code may not always reflect what could happen with other cases. There are likely multiple potential causes for this problem, such as difficulties with the ECM, throttle grip or wiring.

For this reason, it is recommended to seek the advice of a trained mechanic who specializes in Harley motorcycles and their electrical systems. This way you can rest assured that your issue will be properly diagnosed and resolved.

In conclusion, the P2122 Harley code is a common fault that can be attributed to improprieties with the TBW system and its elements such as the TGS or TPS sensors. Should you stumble across this error code, ensure to inspect all components of your TBW system, utilize diagnostic software or tools to clear codes from your ECM and consistently maintain your TBW system so as not to encounter any future dilemmas.

To make sure your Harley is running at its highest level, abide by these steps and prevent any issues that come with this error code from hindering your performance.


Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the P2122 Harley code:

What is the P2122 Harley code?

The P2122 code signals that your Throttle By Wire system is malfunctioning, likely due to a faulty Throttle Grip Sensor or Throttle Position Sensor. This can be observed when the Engine Control Module detects an input voltage lower than what it should expect.

What causes the P2122 Harley code?

The P2122 code may be brought on by several TBW system-related matters, among them faulty sensors, wiring faults, or ECM complications.

How do I diagnose the P2122 Harley code?

To identify the cause of your P2122 code, begin by inspecting the TBW system and its accompanying components, including any sensors and wiring. If these elements appear to be in proper working order, you’ll need to utilize various diagnostic devices or software programs that can access the ECM and subsequently wipe out any existing codes.

How do I clear the P2122 Harley code?

To resolve the P2122 code, you should utilize diagnostic tools or software to access and restart the ECM. Please avoid bypassing this method with shortcuts such as disconnecting your battery since it may create more potential problems.

What are the symptoms of the P2122 Harley code?

Although the P2122 code may not cause your check engine light to illuminate, you can still experience poor acceleration, idle fluctuations, or even stalling. These symptoms may be subtle and require some investigation in order to properly identify them.

How can I prevent the P2122 Harley code from recurring?

To stop the P2122 code from occurring again, you must be mindful when performing modifications that involve the TBW system and vigilantly inspect it as well as its components for any signs of wear or damage.
It is essential to address any issues quickly so they don’t become a bigger problem later on. Additionally, make sure to utilize diagnostic tools or software programs effectively in order to clear codes properly rather than taking shortcuts which could create further problems down the road.

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