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P2138 Harley Code – Solving The Twist Grip Sensor Error

If you own a 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special (SESG) and decide to switch up the handlebars, you may be surprised by some unexpected consequences. After such an upgrade, your bike’s check engine light could remain on permanently alongside codes like P1510 (Throttle Actuator Control Limited) and P2138 (Twist Grip Sensor Correlation Error).

In this article we’ll investigate what leads to these issues, especially P2138 Harley Code, to provide prospective solutions for overcoming them.

Understanding the Twist Grip Sensor

The twist grip sensors (TGS) are integral components in the throttle setup of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, featuring two 0-5 volt sensors. When stationary, one sensor registers at 0 volts and the other 5 volts – simultaneously adding up to produce 5 total volts. Should either sensor read differently than expected when moving forward, it will throw a code alerting you there is an issue with your device that needs attention.

Possible Causes of P2138 Harley Code

If the P2138 Harley Code has been triggered, it may be due to an improper wiring connection. When changing the handlebar of your bike, make sure all connectors have securely fastened and that no wires are extended or soldered incorrectly. In addition, crossing the 5-volt and sensor return wires could trigger this malfunction too – so take extra care when inserting these components.

If a P2138 Harley Code is present, it could be due to an issue with the TGS housing that has shorted against the handlebar. To help determine if this is true, a low voltage meter should be used to accurately measure any leakage or shorts from both the TGS housing and its wires.

Another potential source of the P2138 Harley Code may be harm to the TGS wiring. A few throttle grip sensors have a harness with a small connector that could become damaged quickly. It is plausible that this connector got ruined while modifying your handlebars. If so, you must repair or replace it immediately in order to avoid any further problems down the line.

If you need a TGS that comes with its own small and delicate connector, then part number 32310-08 is the one for you. In contrast, if you’re looking for something sturdier without the mid-harness’s small connector, then opt instead for 32305-08A.

Possible Solutions to P2138 Harley Code

If the P2138 Harley Code is due to a wiring problem, you should carefully analyze all connections and verify that each wire was attached in its proper place. However, if this doesn’t resolve the issue, then it may be necessary to switch out your TGS.

In the event that a P2138 Harley Code is linked to a problem with the TGS housing, replacing it may be your only option.

If the P2138 Harley Code is due to damage on the TGS harness, then it can be potentially repaired using solder. Nonetheless, if it’s too severe a damage, you may have no other choice than replacing the entire TGS system.


To sum up, the P2138 Harley Code is a typical issue that may occur following modifications to handlebars. Potential sources of this problem include electrical wiring faults, TGS housing troubles and destruction of the TGS harness.

It is critical to inspect all connectors and be certain that the wires were inserted properly. In the event of continued issues, replacing the TGS may be necessary. Notably, changing handlebars on a Harley Davidson can prove difficult due its requirement for precision and time-consuming effort.


Below are some frequently asked questions on the P2138 Harley code:

What does the P2138 Harley Code mean?

If your Harley is displaying the P2138 Code, it’s likely a sign of an issue with its twist grip sensor correlation – an error requiring attention within its throttle system.

What causes the P2138 Harley Code?

Faulty wiring, a damaged TGS housing, or harm to the TGS harness may all result in a P2138 Harley Code.

What should I do if I get the P2138 Harley Code?

To guarantee optimal performance, inspect all connectors and make sure the wires were correctly placed. If the problem persists, replacing the TGS may be your only option.

Can changing handlebars on a Harley Davidson cause the P2138 Harley Code?

Installing new handlebars on your Harley Davidson motorcycle can be hazardous if not done properly, potentially leading to the P2138 Harley Code. To avoid this issue and keep your bike safe, make sure you carefully manage the TGS during installation.

What is the twist grip sensor?

The essential twist grip sensor plays a significant role in the Harley Davidson motorcycle’s throttle system, accurately detecting and conveying the position of the handlebar-mounted throttle to its engine control module.

How much does it cost to replace the twist grip sensor?

Replacing the twist grip sensor can cost from $80 to $90, depending on which model you select and where it is bought. Still, installation fees may differ based on the service provider and geographical location.

Can I repair the TGS harness if it is damaged?

If the damage on your TGS harness is minor, you may be able to mend it with a soldering iron. Yet if the injury has become significant, replacing the whole assembly might be necessary.

How do I know if the TGS housing has shorted against the handlebar?

A precise, low voltage meter should have no leakage or short from the TGS housing and wires. If a short is present, this tool will easily spot it.

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