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Rear Harley Wheel Spacer Chart – A Solution For Your Spacer Problems

Owning a motorcycle is job enough, yet it’s equally important to make sure that your bike and its components remain in prime condition. Of all the elements on the two-wheeler, wheel spacers are integral; they ensure that each wheel remains firmly attached and properly aligned. Nonetheless, if you don’t know which spacer belongs where – no worries. It can be resolved quite easily by doing some research or consulting an expert mechanic.

This article dives deep into the rear Harley wheel spacer chart to help you address your existing issues. Additionally, we provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to correctly install spacers in order to ensure that your bike is secure and operating optimally.

The Problem: Rear Harley Wheel Spacer Chart Confusion

The proprietor of a 2003 Softail Springer, with its 16″ spoke-rimmed rear wheel and 21″ spoked front wheel, was left perplexed when it came to the placement of the axle spacers. He couldn’t decide which side or wheel they belonged on.

The owner needed help determining the exact order for threading three chrome-plated wheel spacers, all of the same diameter but differing in length.

Rear Harley Wheel Spacer Chart

To guarantee the most accurate placements and lengths of your rear wheel spacers for a 2003 FXSTS, you should consult the Harley Wheel Spacer Chart. As outlined in the official service manual from Harley Davidson, here are their recommended spacer dimensions:

  • Left Spacer: 1.875″ long
  • Right Spacer: 0.470″ long

Armed with this data, the owner could adjust his spacers to their prescribed length for that specific model.

Proper Spacer Placement

Once you’ve determined which spacer lengths are perfect for your wheels using the rear Harley wheel spacer chart, it’s time to install them with precision. To make sure everything is aligned correctly and securely, here are some tips:

  • Check the manual: Prior to beginning, make certain to read the service manual for your bike so that you can install the spacers with precision. Also, carefully ensure that all spacers are threaded onto the axle in an orderly manner according to what is indicated in the guidebook.
  • Look for markings: On occasion, spacers may be labeled to indicate which side they should be used on or what order they must occupy during installation.
  • Check the fit: Ensure the spacers fit snugly against the interior circumference of the wheel hub before inserting them onto the axle. A seamless and effortless experience awaits you as your axle glides through its newly-fitted components with ease.
  • Check the alignment: Once you have the spacers in place, confirm your wheel alignment by making sure that all of the lines around them are even when you secure the axle.

Concluding – Rear Harley Wheel Spacer Chart

Don’t underestimate the importance of correctly installing wheel spacers on your Harley – it is essential to providing a smooth, safe ride. If you’re not completely sure how to set them up, don’t hesitate to consult both an expert in Harleys as well as a service manual that can guide you through the process. With proper setup and reliable knowledge comes assurance and comfort when hitting the open roads.


Below are some frequently asked questions on the rear Harley wheel spacer chart:

What are wheel spacers, and why are they important?

Investing in a wheel spacer is an absolute necessity for any motorbike enthusiast. Not only does it bring superior balance and steadiness, but also guarantees the protection of your tires, suspension system – all crucial parts when looking to experience optimal performance and security while riding. Don’t compromise on safety; secure your wheels with a wheel spacer today.

How can I tell if my wheel spacers are installed correctly?

To ensure that your wheel spacers are properly installed and secure, first make sure they fit snugly on the axle and have a flush finish with the inside diameter of the hub. They should slide in and out easily if secured correctly. After everything is fitted into place, check for proper alignment by ensuring an even line all around when you tighten down the axle nuts or bolts tightly.

What is the correct order to thread wheel spacers onto the axle?

Depending on the motorcycle, threading wheel spacers onto the axle may require a specific order. To guarantee that you’re installing them correctly, always consult your service manual for instructions. Generally speaking though, it’s best to put the longer spacer on the left and shorter one on right side of your vehicle’s wheel.

Can I reuse old wheel spacers?

Reusing old wheel spacers is never advised due to the potential wear and tear or damage that can compromise your bikes’s security and performance. Therefore, it’s recommended that you only use new, high-quality wheel spacers when installing them or replacing existing ones.

What should I do if I’m not sure which wheel spacer goes where?

When you’re in doubt about which wheel spacer goes where, don’t hesitate to seek help from a Harley expert or refer to your manual for markings. Remember, the correct installation of spacers on both sides is essential to guarantee that your motorcycle performs safely and effectively.

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