red light on speedometer harley

The Mystery of the Red Light on Speedometer Harley (Solved)

The Ride and the Red Light

Picture this: you’re cruising down the road with your fellow riders, wind in your face, and suddenly the red light on your Harley’s speedometer flicks on. In this article, we’ll discuss an actual experience I had with a 2012 Dyna Wide Glide, and how I solved the mystery of the red light on the speedometer. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

red light on speedometer harley
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First Steps: The Initial Panic

The red light on speedometer Harley came on 40 miles into the group ride, leaving the me confused and worried. As any biker would do, I started searching for the problem. Listening for weird noises, touching (careful, it’s hot.), and checking every possible connection I could find. Despite the lit red light, the bike didn’t melt or explode, so I continued the journey to the destination.

Investigating Further: The Fuel Pak and ECM

Arriving at the destination, I inspected the fuel pak connections to the ECM (Engine Control Module) and checked the fuel pak codes. Despite my best efforts, nothing unusual was found. The bike was running just fine, leaving me puzzled. After texting a mate with connections to a Harley dealer, he gave me the tip that it could be the security system. However, this Dyna Wide Glide didn’t have a security system.

The Surprising Discovery: It Was the Headlight.

Leaving the destination, the group stopped for gas. That’s when another rider noticed the low beam on my bike was out, even though the high beam was working. A suggestion was made that maybe the red light on speedometer Harley was because of the headlight issue. And guess what? It was. The red light would turn off when the ignition was switched to high beam, but would come back on in low beam mode.

The Fix and the Cause: BCM and the Headlight

After replacing the headlight, the red light on speedometer Harley issue was resolved. A follow-up with a Harley mechanic confirmed that this was a function of the BCM (Body Control Module). The BCM was responsible for detecting the issue with the headlight and triggering the red light on the speedometer.

The Lesson: Check Your Codes

The red light on the speedometer serves as a warning that something is wrong with the bike. When it lights up, it’s essential to run diagnostics and check the codes. In this case, the issue was with the BCM and the headlight. However, there are two fault lights: the red (indicating a security or lighting issue) and the orange (a check engine light for engine or electronic problems). It’s always best to read and research codes to diagnose issues accurately.

Upgrading the Headlight: Brighter Options

In this case, I had already replaced the stock bulb with a super bright Sylvania bulb from Auto Zone. However, my plan was to upgrade to an LED Daymaker later in the year. My logic is, upgrading the headlight not only increases visibility but can also prevent similar issues in the future.

The Takeaway: Always Be Prepared for Surprises

The mystery of the red light on the speedometer of a Harley was solved, but not before causing some panic and confusion. The lesson here is always to be prepared for surprises, and when that red light comes on, don’t panic. Check the codes, run diagnostics, and consult with professionals if needed. You never know, the problem could be as simple as a blown headlight.

So, the next time you’re out on the open road, remember to keep an eye on your speedometer and be ready to investigate any warning lights. Bikes, like any other vehicle, can sometimes surprise us with their quirks and unexpected issues.

But hey, that’s part of the adventure, right? As long as you’re proactive in addressing these hiccups, you’ll be back on the road in no time, enjoying the ride with your fellow bikers.

Customizations and Their Effects

It’s essential to remember that customizations can result in unanticipated effects. For example, if you own a non-regular instrument cluster, the warning lights might display strange behavior compared to the OEM Harley lights.

To make sure that your modifications don’t create any hidden issues, it’s essential to consult the manufacturer or a qualified mechanic. Ultimately, we all want an enjoyable journey.

Maintaining Your Harley: Prevention is Key

To steer clear of any unwelcome surprises, it’s wise to routinely inspect your bike. This involves examining the oil levels, tire pressure and brake fluid – plus additional key upkeep tasks.

Remember to frequently examine your bike’s lighting system, ensuring that all bulbs and connections are in perfect working order. Through staying ahead of maintenance tasks, you can stop small issues from escalating into bigger problems and have more time for the delightful ride on the open road.

Sharing Knowledge and Experiences: The Biker Community

The biker community is renowned for its unwavering generosity when it comes to sharing information and experiences. If you ever come across a problem like the red light on your speedometer, look no further than fellow bikers or online forums where people are waiting with answers to lend a helping hand.

If you have encountered a similar issue, chances are that somebody else has as well. By sharing your experience with the community, not only will others be spared from enduring the same troubles but also benefit from your valuable insights. In turn, this collective knowledge is sure to help everyone grow together.

I cover off as much as I possibly can here from my experiences and what other friends of mine have encountered but we can’t experience every last issue there is, so engaging with the biker communities that are out there is greatly beneficial to the world of riders.

Red Light on Speedometer Harley: Embrace the Journey

Riding a Harley is more than just getting around; it’s an attitude, an enthusiasm and a way of life. No matter the journey, being prepared for any unforeseen predicaments that come with keeping your motorcycle in excellent condition is key to success.

When you find yourself slowing down, don’t be discouraged. Remembering this story can help remind you that your journey is not a solitary one and it will always have its ups and downs. Enjoy the ride.

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