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Revamping Your Bike with a Shortened Thunderheader – Customization and Performance

Make your bike stand out from the rest with a personalized touch that only you can bring. An excellent way to do this is by installing a shortened Thunder, which not only provides an improved aesthetic but also increased performance for your ride. In this piece, we will discuss why using a Thunderheader is beneficial and how customizing it impacts power output on your motorcycle.

The Shortened Thunderheader: What’s the Difference?

To get a more streamlined look and maneuverability, many riders opt for the modified Thunderheader. It’s five inches shorter than normal with side-by-side head pipes that cut down on scraping when you’re taking hard corners. You’ll get an even smoother ride plus a stylish addition to your bike that will be sure to turn heads.

Customizing Your Risers

You can take your bike customization to the next level with an eye-catching shortened Thunderheader and custom aluminum risers. These pieces of art are available in various sizes, such as 14 inches, so you’ll be able to find exactly what fits your preferences perfectly. With these personalized components fitted on your motorbike, you’ll undoubtedly stand out from others with a unique look.

Headlight and Fairing Mount Adjustments

If you install a custom Thunderheader and risers, your headlight and fairing mounts may need some adjustments. Without the proper modifications, using stock mounts with large risers can result in an awkward presentation: The big risers sticking out above the fairing. To achieve a sleeker appearance that flows better aesthetically, adjust your fairing and headlamp clamps to match the size of your new risers for maximum visual appeal.

The Finished Product

After you have installed your shortened Thunderheader, custom risers and adjusted the headlight and fairing mounts, your bike will look like no other. Not only is it visually appealing but its modified components also provide a more comfortable ride than ever before. With these tweaks in place, you are sure to make an impression on every road.

Performance Impact of a Shortened Thunderheader

Shortend Thunderheaders have been found to provide a boost in mid-range and top-end power, while bottom-end performance remains relatively constant. For example, after shortening the header on an 89″ stroker motorcycle, dyno tests revealed only minimal variation with the rider experiencing 90hp and 95ft/lbs of torque. Although some riders may report a slight decrease in power output post modification, overall performance will remain unaffected.

The Expert Behind the Work

When it comes to customizing your motorcycle with a Thunderheader, you need an experienced professional on the job. Ed Perry of Carp is just that – he has worked on many bikes and created customized risers and fairing/headlight mounts to perfectly pair with the shortened Thunderheader.


Transform your bike with a personalized and unique aesthetic by installing custom risers, shortened Thunderheader, adjusted headlight and fairing mounts. Not only will you stand out from the crowd with this modification; minimal power loss ensures that you won’t sacrifice performance or efficiency either.


Below are some frequently asked questions on the shortened Thunderheader:

What is a shortened Thunderheader?

Riding sharp corners with a standard Thunderheader exhaust system can lead to ground scraping, which is why the shortened version was created. This modified system has been reduced by 5 inches and engineered for side-by-side head pipes instead of stacked ones—not only does this help keep your bike from bottoming out; it also gives it an edgy aesthetic that will make you stand out from the crowd.

How does a shortened Thunderheader affect my bike’s performance?

Motorcyclists have discovered that a Thunderheader modification can increase mid-range and top end power while still providing comparable end performance. Although some may experience a minimal decrease in torque, dyno generally indicate no significant impact on output.

Can I use custom risers with a shortened Thunderheader?

Absolutely. With custom-made aluminum risers, you can shorten your Thunderheader to get the look and feel that fits best with your bike. Not only will this give you a unique aesthetic appeal, but it’s also tailored specifically for you – so there’s no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity today.

Will I need to adjust my headlight and fairing mounts when using a shortened Thunderheader and custom risers?

Utilizing custom risers? Then you need to adjust your headlight and fairing mounts accordingly for a sleeker, more unified appearance. It’s easy to do – just make sure the sizes match up.

Who can I trust to install a shortened Thunderheader and make the necessary adjustments?

For custom bike modifications, it’s vital to find a skilled mechanic or specialist. Ed Perry from Carp is an amazing example of such an expert; he has worked on countless bikes, producing customized risers and fairing/headlight mounts for shortening the Thunderheader.

Can I revert to the original Thunderheader if I’m not satisfied with the shortened version?

If you’re not content with the shortened Thunderheader, never fear. You can always return to your original version. However, for proper reinstallation of this product, it’s highly recommended that you seek advice from a professional mechanic or expert.

Are there any other modifications I should consider when installing a shortened Thunderheader?

When you’re getting a Thunderheader installed, it’s important to think about how the bike will look and function. Getting custom risers, adjusting headlight and fairing mounts, as well as potentially changing up your peg and brake pedal positions should all be taken into account during installation.

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