road king with fairing and apes

Introduction to Road King with Fairing and Apes Hangers

The Harley Davidson Road King is an iconic motorcycle that has been the ride of choice for riders everywhere for years. With its smooth riding, comfortable seating, and timeless design, it’s no wonder why this touring bike remains in high demand.

But recently many have taken their customization to a new level – adding aftermarket additions like the Road King with fairing and apes hangers to further customize the look and performance of their beloved motorcycles. In this article we’re going to show you what these add-ons are all about so get ready as we take your classic Road King into the future.

What is a Fairing on a Motorcycle?

A fairing serves as a vital protective shield for those on motorcycles, shielding riders from the elements and reducing wind resistance. They come in an assortment of forms such as varying sizes, shapes and materials like plastics, composites or fiberglass to suit individual style preferences.

Customizing a Road King with an aerodynamic fairing adds stylish flair to your ride, while also increasing the comfort of your journey. Wind fatigue and buffeting are reduced so you can enjoy long rides in ultimate style and relaxation.

What are Ape Hanger Handlebars?

If you’re looking for handlebars that are sure to make a statement, a Road King with fairing and apes are the way to go. This unique style is defined by its height – they run straight up from the mounting point and then swoop forward, leaving your hands several inches above your shoulders. With riders resembling apes with their long arms while riding these distinctive bars, it’s no wonder why this type of bar has earned its name.

Harley-Davidson Road King riders are partial to ape hanger handlebars because of their bold, aggressive look – a guaranteed way to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, these bars also provide bikers with a much more comfortable and upright riding posture compared to traditional handlebars.

How Does a Fairing Affect the Performance of a Road King?

A Road King with fairing and apes installed can have an enormous effect on the bike’s performance. The main advantage of such a feature is enhanced aerodynamics, reducing wind resistance and resulting in increased speed and fuel efficiency – particularly at higher rates where this drag force has greater significance.

With a fairing, riders benefit from improved comfort during long trips. Wind buffeting and fatigue become much less of an issue with this type of accessory in place, particularly for those who take extended journeys on their Road King bike. This can be the perfect solution for making rides more pleasant.

How Do Ape Hanger Handlebars Affect the Performance of a Road King?

Installing ape hanger handlebars on a Road King can noticeably enhance its performance. Not only that, but they are also incredibly comfortable. By positioning the rider in an upright and relaxed posture, strain is relieved from their neck, back, and arms – making those long rides more enjoyable. Ape hangers proffer unparalleled comfort – thus furthering your riding experience like never before.

An additional perk of ape hanger handlebars is enhanced maneuverability. By changing the posture while riding and shifting the weight distribution on the motorcycle, these handlebars can make turns more rooted and secure on a Road King.

The Verdict – Road King with Fairing and Apes

Ultimately, equipping a Road King with fairing and apes handlebars can improve the motorcycle’s performance and aesthetics. Although these alterations may bring considerable comfort to riders while providing they improved control over the bike, they are not suited for everyone.

If you’re a fan of the original handlebar setup and classic design, these modifications may not be for you. Nevertheless, if your dream is to personalize your Road King with some extra flair, adding a fairing and ape hangers might just do the trick.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Road King with fairing and apes hangers:

What is a fairing on a motorcycle?

A Road King with fairing and apes, minus the apes to focus on the fairing, shields riders from wind and weather while enhancing aerodynamics, a fairing is an essential element when it comes to motoring. It provides optimal protection for those on two wheels, covering the front of motorcycles to ensure a safe ride in all kinds of conditions.

What are ape hanger handlebars?

Ape hanger handlebars are an iconic type of handlebar that stands out due to their remarkable height. Rising upward from the mounting point, they bend forward and place your hands well above shoulder-level – luxuriously offering a unique riding experience.

How does a fairing affect the performance of a Road King?

Installing a fairing onto your Road King is sure to have beneficial impacts on its performance. Not only can the added aerodynamics make it faster and more efficient, but also substantially reduce rider fatigue by cutting down wind buffeting as well. The advantages of adding a fairing are truly remarkable.

How do ape hanger handlebars affect the performance of a Road King?

By installing ape hanger handlebars on your Road King, you can enjoy improved performance while also taking advantage of enhanced handling and maximum comfort during longer rides. The new riding position and weight distribution that these handlebars create will provide an unparalleled experience for anyone who takes to the roads.

Is it easy to install a fairing on a Road King?

Depending on the type of fairing and your mechanical aptitude, installing a fairing to your Road King may be simple or complex. Certain models are designed with easy installation in mind while others necessitate professional help for successful fitting.

Are there any drawbacks to using ape hanger handlebars on a Road King?

When you equip a Road King with fairing and apes handlebars, it can take some time to get used to the new riding position; plus, if your arms are short in length, reaching them could prove difficult.

Can I still use hard bags with a fairing on my Road King?

Absolutely. It’s possible to attach hard bags with a fairing to your Road King. Several fairings were constructed in such a way that they are easily compatible with hard bags, while others may require additional alteration before attaching them together.

Are there any safety concerns with using ape hanger handlebars on a Road King?

Ape hanger handlebars can be used safely on a Road King, yet riders should bear in mind that they will require an adjustment period to become accustomed to the new riding position. This may hinder their ability to fully control the motorcycle during this transition.

Are there any legal restrictions on using ape hanger handlebars in certain states or countries?

Before modifying your Road King with fairing and apes handlebars, it is imperative to verify the legalities of such an alteration in regard to your state or country. There may be limitations on how tall these types of handlebars can be, as well as other modifications that could affect the bike’s regulations.
To ensure you stay within law-abiding boundaries and avoid any repercussions by riding illegally modified motorcycles, please check local laws and ordinances carefully.

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