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Solving the U0142 Harley Code – My Horror Story

As a Harley owner, I understand the exasperation that comes with engine warning lights and codes. The U0142 Harley code gave me fits for more than twelve months until I finally deduced what was causing it – so now, to help prevent others from going through such frustration, I am sharing my story.

Problem: U0142 Harley Code

The bike had multiple error codes, of which U0142 Harley code was one. It came with an array of other messages such as U0001 (canbus fault), U0140 (loss of comms with bcm), U0141 (loss of comms lhcm) and the difficult-to-diagnose code -U0156 meaning loss in speedo communication. This made it hard to pinpoint the exact problem, since its check engine light kept flickering on and off.

Initial Troubleshooting

Initially, I sought to address the issue by disconnecting the wiring from my ape hanger bars that were put in place some three years prior – unfortunately, this didn’t yield any results. My next course of action entailed examining both left and right hand control switches as well as all connectors encased in fairings and situated beneath the seat… alas, no luck here either.

Months later, I was determined to solve the problem and pulled out the tank for a closer look. After firing up my engine and turning my handlebars to their stops, the codes reappeared.

The Breakthrough

After a lengthy search, I discovered the source of my problem: Wires at the right side neck area had become compressed and were fraying due to continuous movement. This intermittent issue was finally unravelling before me.

After carefully splicing the wires together, my bike has been running smoothly for a few months. I’m astounded by how MoCo opted to use such thin wire gauges that can be so easily broken — they must not have realized just how fragile these wires were. My frustrations with them are sky-high as a result.

Soldering and CanBus Systems

After I discovered that soldering is incompatible with CanBus systems, my foolishness cost me dearly. Many have succeeded in this endeavor, but sadly not myself; thus I had to start from square one and re-wire the bars using entirely new (longer) wire harnesses.

Nonetheless, some have soldered hundreds of welds on CanBus systems without any issues. The secret is to push the strands together and keep the welds short-lived, never overheat it during welding process, and make sure that solder entirely fills up the joint.


I’m sharing my story in hope that others don’t have to go through the same struggles and frustrations like me. If you are facing U0142 Harley code, do not give up just yet. Don’t be discouraged by the numerous attempts so far; keep your mind open, look for solutions out there – you never know what might work, as it did for me. In any case, persistence is key to solving this nightmare.Thanks for reading my story. I hope it helps someone out someday.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on the U0142 Harley code:

What is the U0142 Harley code?

A Harley motorcycle may experience a breakdown in communication between its right-hand control module (RHCM) and main control module (BCM), which is indicated by the U0142 code.

What causes the U0142 Harley code to appear?

U0142 can be caused by a multitude of factors, from frayed wiring to issues with control modules or even improper soldering in the wire harness.

What are the symptoms of the U0142 Harley code?

The manifestations of a U0142 code include the check engine light intermittently flashing, together with the motorcycle refusing to start or perform its duties correctly.

How can I troubleshoot the U0142 code on my Harley?

Uncovering the source of a U0142 Harley code can be achieved by examining all wiring and connectors within the fairings, beneath the seat and around handlebars. Additionally it is advised to inspect any wires located underneath your tank for signs of pinching or damage.

Is soldering a good idea on CanBus systems on a Harley?

Working with CanBus systems requires special attention, as soldering can lead to an ohms surge that triggers the ECM into a protective function.

What is the solution to the U0142 code on a Harley?

Troubleshooting the U0142 code on a Harley can be tricky, as there could be several contributing factors. The solution may involve something small such as pushing wires out of sight or splicing together broken ones, but it also might require replacing the entire bar wiring harness entirely. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to evaluate all potential causes before attempting any repairs for optimal results.

Can I fix the U0142 code on my own?

If you have a knack for motorcycle electrical wiring and troubleshooting, there’s an opportunity that you can fix the U0142 Harley code on your own. On the other hand, if it is outside of your expertise, it’s suggested to get assistance from a professional Harley technician.

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