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Sportster Fender Chop – A Step by Step Guide

Are you hoping to give your Harley Davidson Sportster a unique touch? Look no further than the Sportster fender chop. This custom alteration is straightforward and will make an immediate visual impact. In this guide, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to modify your bike’s back fender for that stylish, minimalist look.

Step 1: Removing the Fender

To start your rear Sportster fender chop, you need to remove the existing fender. This process is quite simple and can be done with only a few everyday tools — Allen wrenches, 1/2″ wrench, hammer, flat head screwdriver and wire cutters. It’s just that easy.

Begin by detaching the seat and tail light wires as well as LP wire from your main wiring harness. Subsequently, utilize a 1/2″ wrench and allen wrench to remove the tail lights and screws securing the fender in its place. As soon as you’ve unbolted the tail lights, try freeing up their wires without having to cut them off; if this proves impossible then use a pair of wire cutters instead.

Then, remove the fender and unbolt the rivets which secure on the stock LP holder and reflectors.

Step 2: Cutting the Frame

After the fender is detached, using a sawsall with a sharp blade, precisely mark and cut down the frame about 8 inches. Ensure that you measure accurately for the perfect fit when it comes time to reattach the fender once again.

Step 3: Chopping the Struts

Subsequently, it’s time to trim the struts. Start by sawing approximately eight inches off of the struts using a sharp blades sawsall. Afterward, file down the revealed end of each strut so that they have a smooth finish; this will give them an effortless, sleek appearance.

Step 4: Remounting the Tail Lights and License Plate

After altering the frame and struts, it’s time to reattach your tail lights and license plates. To secure the stock plate mount in place, use the same hole as for your left tail light but you may need to drill an additional one. For mounting both lanterns, purchase a 12″ threaded rod then cut into 4″ pieces; thread each end of a piece through a lamp before passing it via the framework and finall screwing down with its fender.

Step 5: Touching Up the Cutting Marks

After you have successfully chopped and reattached the fender, it’s time to give the surface a stunning finish. Utilize a flat black paint for an impeccable look that will cover up any traces of cutting with ease. This way, your vehicle will achieve a seamless appearance.

Step 6: Installing the Struts

Lastly, it’s time to insert the struts. Utilize a 2×4 to give the frame a slight lift that will provide enough space for getting the bolt in and ensure they are secure. After installation is complete, your bike won’t just maintain its custom look but will also sit lower closer to ground level – giving you an even more edgy appearance.

To sum up, customizing your Harley Davidson Sportster with a rear fender chop is an easy and accessible way to upgrade the look of your bike. With just some basic mechanical know-how, you can follow these steps to turn heads on every ride with a stylishly chopped back fender. Get ready for all the compliments coming your way.

Other Modifications to Consider

After you successfully complete your rear Sportster fender chop, why not continue to customize it in other ways? Some popular options include:

  1. Coil Relocation – By relocating the ignition coil to a new spot, such as underneath your seat or on the frame of your bike, you can drastically improve its appearance and make room in the engine compartment. This simple modification is one surefire way to take your ride’s design up several notches.
  2. Tank Lift – For an edgier and more customized aesthetic, look no further than a tank lift. This modification is not only visually appealing, but it can also open up additional space to make modifications such as relocating your ignition coil or adding in a custom air intake system. With the installation of this simple add-on, you’ll have the perfect recipe for success.
  3. Exhaust Upgrades – If you’re looking to give your Sportster a more aggressive look and sound, an aftermarket exhaust upgrade is the perfect solution. Not only will it add visual appeal to your motorcycle, but improved performance as well. Make sure to get yourself a set of pipes that provide a louder roar, so everyone notices when you drive by.
  4. Handlebar Upgrades – Take your Sportster to the next level with a handlebar upgrade. Swapping out those stock bars for some ape hangers or drag bars will instantly create an edgier look and feel.

Benefits of a Rear Sportster Fender Chop

Not only does a rear fender chop aesthetically improve the bike, but it also has several functional benefits. By eliminating surplus material from the fender, you decrease weight on your ride which enhances performance and control. Additionally, with its sleeker design, maneuvering through congested roads or tight corners becomes simpler; allowing for more confident commuting and riding adventures.

Final Thoughts – Sportster Fender Chop

Transform the appearance of your bike with a Sportster fender chop. Even inexperienced riders can feel assured when taking on this project, as our comprehensive guide outlines each step in detail.

If you want to enhance the performance of your Sportster or even add a custom look, doing a rear fender chop is an excellent place to begin. Additionally, think about complementing this change with various other modifications like coil relocation and handlebar upgrades so that it oozes personal style. Together they will make up one unique bike that exudes your individual flair.


Below are some frequently asked questions about Sportster fender chop:

Is a rear Sportster fender chop difficult to do?

A rear fender chop is a straightforward alteration that requires basic tools, mechanical knowledge and some time. First, you must remove the rear fender before cutting down the frame and re-installing it. With these easy steps, you can achieve an impressive aesthetic result.

What tools do I need to complete a rear Sportster fender chop?

To complete a rear fender chop, you’ll need some basic tools: an array of Allen wrenches, a 1/2″ wrench, hammer, flat head screwdriver and wire cutters. Additionally to effectively execute the job at hand, you will require a sawsall equipped with sharp blades for cutting the frame and struts.

What are the benefits of a rear Sportster fender chop?

Transform the look of your Sportster and optimize its performance with a rear fender chop. This aesthetically pleasing procedure creates a more streamlined, minimalistic appearance while simultaneously lessening weight on the bike – leading to enhanced handling.

Can I complete a rear Sportster fender chop on my own, or do I need a professional?

Although you can manage a fender chop yourself, it’s essential to have an elementary understanding of mechanics and stay attentive to instructions. In the event that you don’t trust your capability in getting this done correctly, seeking help from a professional is highly recommended.

What other modifications can I consider after completing a rear Sportster fender chop?

Once you’ve completed a rear Sportster fender chop, there’s still more you could do to customize your Sportster and make it truly unique. Consider installing coil relocation, tank lifts, exhaust upgrades or handlebar upgrades for additional personalization. With the right modifications and customization tips from experienced riders like yourself, your bike will be one-of-a-kind.

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