s&s 110 kit problems

S&S 110 Kit Problems – The Downfall of the S&S 110 Kit

Harley Davidson riders eagerly awaited the S&S 110 kit, knowing it would deliver a substantial power increase for their rides. With promises of enhanced performance and an improved experience on the road, many motorcycle lovers couldn’t wait to get this part installed on their bikes.

Unfortunately, the S&S 110 Kit problems then began, it was met with a multitude of issues after its launch that eventually caused it to be pulled from production. In this article, we will explore the challenges and setbacks associated with the S&S 110 kit that led to its unfortunate demise.

What is the S&S 110 Kit?

Harley Davidson riders can now take their motorcycle performance to the next level with the S&S 110 kit. This upgrade features new pistons, rings and cylinders designed to increase engine displacement from 96 cubic inches up to a whopping 110 cubic inches – bringing more horsepower and torque than ever before. If you’re looking for maximum thrills when riding your bike, then this popular aftermarket enhancement is sure to give you an exhilarating experience.

The S&S 110 Kit Problems

Despite the potential of gaining improved performance, the S&S 110 kit was marred with issues after its launch. Riders who installed it came across grim consequences such as ruptured pistons, rings and cylinders. The cause? An absence of ductile iron in cylinder sleeves caused them to contort at high revolutions- this led to severe harm inflicted upon pistons,rings and eventually cylinders. Disconcertingly for many purchasers hoping for a boost in revs -this kit simply couldn’t handle higher RPMs .

Not only this, but there were also complaints about the kit’s resilience and longevity. A multitude of riders attested that it hardly held up to its expectations in terms of durability- they had to replace it before they expected to. The construction was also lambasted; several experts claimed that the thinly lined components used in the kit could not stand against a powerful engine without breaking easily.

The S&S 110 Kit Removed from Production

The S&S 110 kit faced such immense issues, the business had to remove it from production. This failure caused a notable financial burden for many cyclists who were required to pay for pricey engine fixings or replacements. Although the company boasted about its timely pivot, it was discernable that the S&S 110 kit did not succeed and needed to be pulled off shelves entirely.

The company’s choice to take the kit off production lines came with a hefty dose of scrutiny. Their competitor, Harley Davidson, filed an injunction against them for claims that their kits were designed in a way that essentially replicated HD products. This did not quell every person’s grievances; however, it couldn’t be denied that the kit was unsuccessful in its venture.

Conclusion – S&S 110 Kit Problems

Exercise caution when using an S&S 110 kit for your motorcycle, as riders have experienced catastrophic engine failure. It is best to avoid high revs in order to prevent the possibility of further damage. The company may no longer produce these kits due to their propensity for malfunction and potential danger they pose. Refrain from taking any chances — err on the side of safety.

Ultimately, the S&S 110 Kit Problems was a bust for Harley Davidson motorcycles. The lack of ductile iron in the cylinder sleeves led to spigots warping under higher RPMs which caused engine failure. Additionally, there were grave concerns about its construction and durability so much that it had to be removed from production altogether. Thus if you own this kit on your motorcycle, we highly recommend refraining from high revving speeds as it may cause further harm or worse – total engine failure.


Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the S&S 110 Kit problems:

What is the S&S 110 kit?

Transform your Harley Davidson motorcycle with the S&S 110 kit. This aftermarket upgrade adds power to your engine by replacing the pistons, rings, and cylinders – increasing displacement from 96 cubic inches to a remarkable 110 cubic inches. Experience more exhilarating rides today with this dynamic transformation.

What S&S 110 Kit problems occured?

After its release, theS&S 110 Kit problems were recurrent issues with blown pistons, rings and cylinders due to the lack of ductile iron in the cylinder sleeves. When operating at higher RPMs, this deficiency caused considerable spigot warping which further caused extensive destruction to engine components.

Why did the S&S 110 kit fail?

The S&S 110 kit was doomed due to its lack of durability, longevity and faulty construction. Experts contended that the thin liners used in the kit were too flimsy for the engine’s strength, leading to catastrophic failure of the entire system.

Has the S&S 110 kit been removed from production?

Due to its S&S 110 Kit problems and inefficiencies, the S&S 110 kit is no longer being produced.

Can I still buy the S&S 110 kit?

Regrettably, the S&S 110 kit is no longer in production and therefore cannot be purchased.

If I have the S&S 110 kit installed on my motorcycle, what should I do?

To guard against catastrophic engine failure, it’s recommended that those with the S&S 110 kit stay away from high revs. While the company has acknowledged S&S 110 Kit problems, many riders have already suffered disastrous breakdowns due to not heeding this advice. Better safe than sorry: err on the side of caution and avoid pushing your bike too hard.

Are there any other aftermarket upgrade kits available for Harley Davidson motorcycles?

When looking for aftermarket upgrades kits to enhance your Harley Davidson motorcycle, there are numerous options available. However, it is essential to do some research and opt for a dependable company with a proven history of delivering reliable and long lasting items.

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