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Stage 2 Harley Upgrade Cost – Everything You Need to Know

Are you a Harley Davidson enthusiast? If so, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Stage 2 upgrades. This is an amazing way to upgrade your bike and make it feel like brand new – plus, enhance its performance. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what exactly a Stage 2 upgrade contains and all about the stage 2 Harley upgrade cost.

What is a Stage 2 Upgrade on a Harley Davidson?

The Stage 2 upgrade has become a go-to modification choice for Harley Davidson motorcycles, providing more robust camshafts and adjustable pushrods plus desirable new lifters. This alteration not only enhances the power of your engine with increased horsepower and torque, but also boosts the rev limit. Investing in this performance boosting upgrade is an optimal way to set yourself up for a thrilling ride.

If you’re looking to take your Harley Davidson’s performance to the next level, don’t forget about Stage 1—it’s an essential step before installing any further upgrades. The Stage 1 upgrade is designed for increasing airflow and injecting more fuel into the engine so that later modifications can be properly configured. Without proper installation of this key stage, a successful outcome ultimately cannot occur.

With more fuel, comes greater power. However, due to the limit of airflow into the combustion chamber we can’t spray an enormous amount of fuel in there. The Stage 1 upgrade helps with this and is a necessary component for unlocking maximum air flow when upgrading other stages as well.

Harley Davidson Stage 2 Camshaft

It’s time to explore the nitty-gritty details of Stage 2 upgrade. This revamp replaces your standard camshafts with more powerful ones. The camshaft is a fundamental element within an engine that opens and shuts its valves, enabling air as well as fuel to enter and leave the burning chamber.

The Stage 2 upgrade boasts more dynamic camshafts, which promote a longer valve duration and greater lift. Consequently, this enables the combustor to ingest higher volumes of oxygen and fuel – ultimately resulting in amplified horsepower and torque outputs.

The Stage 2 upgrade contains adjustable pushrods which enable you to change the valve lash, or the gap between camshaft and valve stem. Optimal results are achieved when paired with new lifters for an even more improved performance.

Setting the valve lash correctly is essential to ensure that your engine performs optimally. Fresh lifters guarantee smooth-running of camshafts and pushrods, making sure you get maximum efficiency from your vehicle.

Dyno Tune or Off-the-Shelf Tuner

To maximize the advantages of upgrading your camshaft, you have two options to consider: a dyno tune or an “off-the-shelf” tuner such as the Power Commander. While both are viable choices, if possible – go for the dyno tuning option.

When it comes to optimizing your motorcycle for power and efficiency, nothing beats a professional custom dyno tune. This special tuning process ensures that every cylinder of your engine is running at its peak performance level, so you can experience improved acceleration, better fuel economy and enhanced overall drivability on the road.

How Much Does a Stage 2 Harley Upgrade Cost?

Upgrade your Harley Davidson to Stage 2 in 2023 and you could be looking at a bill of anywhere between $900-$1500. That’s for the aftermarket camshaft kit, labour costs and a tune – but keep in mind that the actual cost can vary due to several elements including model type, part pricing, engine condition and shop rates.

The total stage 2 Harley upgrade cost can be estimated at around $1,100 with labor included. If you possess car maintenance knowledge and experience working with engines, however, that price tag drops down to an affordable $600. For example: a camshaft kit will set you back roughly between $400-500 while the associated tune should not exceed two hundred dollars. All in all, five hours of your own time is enough to finish this job.

Despite this, tackling Harley Davidson engines can be a difficult task and should only be undertaken if you have the proper skillset.

What Are Other Harley Davidson Riders Paying for a Stage 2 Upgrade?

Are you questioning the price of a Stage 2 upgrade for a Harley Davidson? A rider on an online forum reported spending $1,430 to install and outfit their bike with Torque cam. Others suggested that it can be accomplished at a cheaper rate; one person managed to transfer from stock parts all the way up to Stage 2 for only $1,200 including: pushrods, tuner, A/C as well as labor charges.

Another motorcyclist shared that they were offered an estimate of $1,000-$1,100 for a Stage 2 upgrade after already having finished the first stage. This sum was split into $500 in parts and $600 (6 hours) in labor costs. Ultimately however, the rider paid only around$998 plus a bonus $50 gift card due to fewer than anticipated work hours at 5 instead of 6.

It is essential to keep in mind that the prices listed here are simply hypothetical and that a stage 2 Harley upgrade cost can range drastically. To acquire an exact estimate, consult with a dependable Harley Davidson dealer or technician for an appraisal tailored to your particular motorcycle and desired modifications.

Is a Stage 2 Harley Upgrade Cost Worth It?

Consider investing in a Stage 2 upgrade if you’re aiming to amplify the horsepower, torque, throttle response and sound of your motorcycle. Such an upgrade brings immense value as it not only intensifies performance but also leaves behind a more captivating exhaust note – all at an excellent stage 2 Harley upgrade cost.

If your main purpose when riding a motorcycle is simply to zip around downtown, then it might not be worth the stage 2 Harley upgrade cost.

In the end, whether or not you should upgrade your motorcycle is a personal call that depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, how much money you have to spend and your individual preferences. If you’re still unsure about if Stage 2 is the best fit for your needs, consider consulting with an experienced Harley Davidson mechanic or rider and get their honest feedback.

The Verdict On The Stage 2 Harley Upgrade Cost

If you’re seeking to take your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s performance to the next level, then a Stage 2 upgrade is an ideal choice. This upgrade includes both a camshaft and tune, with impressive results in terms of horsepower, torque, and improved throttle response. The stage 2 Harley upgrade cost can range from $900 – $1500 on average; however the rewards will far exceed that price tag.

Prior to opting for a Stage 2 upgrade, ensure that you have already installed the initial Stage 1 update which will significantly boost air flow and permit the engine to inject more fuel. Be aware that repairing Harley Davidson engines can be tricky and it is only recommended if you possess adequate expertise.


Below are some FAQs related to the topic of the stage 2 Harley upgrade cost:

What is a Stage 2 upgrade on a Harley Davidson?

Take your Harley Davidson to the next level with a Stage 2 upgrade that encompasses new camshafts for a more impressive performance. By allowing higher amounts of air and fuel into the combustion chamber, this modification drastically boosts horsepower and torque production. Enjoy an exhilarating experience like never before when you make use of these special components.

How much does a stage 2 Harley upgrade cost?

In 2023, the normal stage 2 Harley upgrade cost can range from $900 to a maximum of $1500. That said, various elements like bike model, parts pricing, engine condition and shop labor rates may sway the amount that you will have to pay in the end.

What is included in a Stage 2 upgrade?

If you’re looking to significantly boost your Harley Davidson’s horsepower, torque and rev limit, a Stage 2 upgrade is the way to go. This tune-up includes replacing the camshaft with an upgraded version as well as adjustable pushrods and new lifters. You’ll also need either dyno tuning or off-the-shelf tuners like Power Commander so that you can take full advantage of these modifications.

What is the difference between a Stage 1 and a Stage 2 upgrade?

With the Stage 1 upgrade, you’ll notice a remarkable increase in airflow and fuel injection. The Stage 2 mod is even better–it comes with an upgraded camshaft and custom tune to take full advantage of its increased aggressiveness. This ultimately allows for more air and fuel to enter into the combustion chamber, delivering enhanced horsepower and torque output.

Can I install a Stage 2 upgrade myself?

If you have a background with engines, you can save $500 by executing the job on your own. Nevertheless, Harley Davidson engines are not easy to work on and we only suggest doing it if you possess the essential experience. It’s key to bear in mind that unless you’re confident dealing with valvetrain components, then leave it up to professionals is highly advised.

Is a stage 2 Harley upgrade cost worth it?

When it comes to determining if a Stage 2 upgrade is worth the investment, you need to consider what your goals are for your motorcycle. If greater horsepower and torque, enhanced throttle response, and an intense exhaust sound are what you’re after–a Stage 2 upgrade is unequivocally the right option for you.
If you have no intention of testing the limits on your bike, the stage 2 Harley upgrade cost probably won’t be worth it. Cruising around town? Stick with what you got.

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