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Street Bob vs Wide Glide – Comparing Harley Davidson Motorcycles

When it comes to Harley Davidson motorcycles, choosing between the Street Bob vs Wide Glide models can be quite challenging. Both bikes have their unique design elements and features, making the decision a matter of personal preference. To help guide our readers, we will be exploring the key differences between these two popular bikes in this article.

One of the main aspects to consider when comparing the Street Bob vs Wide Glide is their engine, brakes, and clutch. The fuel systems and transmission speeds differ significantly, which may influence a rider’s choice. Additionally, their unique aesthetics and handling characteristics set them apart, with the Street Bob known for its lighter weight and lower seat height, while the Wide Glide is recognized for its wide, raked-out forks and skinny front tire.

We understand that each rider’s preferences vary, and what may be ideal for one person may not be for another. In the following article, we invite you to explore the advantages and drawbacks of both the Street Bob vs Wide Glide to determine which model best aligns with your riding style and expectations.

History and Background

Harley Davidson Street Bob

In our research, we found that the Harley Davidson Street Bob is a cruiser motorcycle that was produced between 2006 and 2019. As a part of the Harley Davidson Dyna family, the Street Bob is known for its stripped-down styling and minimalist features that give riders a comfortable yet agile experience on the road.

Originally introduced to cater to those looking for a more affordable and customizable motorcycle, the Street Bob became a popular choice among enthusiasts of all levels. With options like the Hard Candy Custom paint jobs and various aftermarket accessories, riders can truly make their Street Bob unique.

Harley Davidson Wide Glide

Moving on to the Wide Glide, this motorcycle was produced between 1980 and 1986. Referred to as a wide glide due to its four inches wider wheelbase compared to other bikes, this custom/cruiser motorcycle offers a distinct look and stance. The Wide Glide is a part of Harley Davidson’s FX series, which originated by combining Sportster components with the chassis of their larger big twin motorcycles.

The Wide Glide is known for its raked front end and wide front tire, which contribute to its unique handling characteristics. Notable for its iconic “chopper” appearance, the Wide Glide has gained a dedicated fan base since its first introduction.

Design and Aesthetics

When it comes to design and aesthetics, both the Street Bob and the Wide Glide have their distinct features that set them apart. In this section, we will go in depth into the key differences between these two motorcycles regarding their appearance and design characteristics.

Street Bob

The Street Bob is designed with a more minimalist approach compared to other Harley Davidson models. The clean lines and compact structure give it a sleek, modern appearance. Some features that set the Street Bob apart include:

  • Smaller rear wheel, providing a more agile handling experience
  • Mid-mounted foot controls for a more comfortable riding position
  • Lower seat height and lighter weight for better maneuverability

These design elements come together to create a versatile and sporty look that appeals to riders who prefer a minimalist yet high-performance motorcycle.

Wide Glide

On the other hand, the Wide Glide features a classic design and offers a more substantial presence on the road. With its extended front-end, wide rear wheel, and forward-mounted foot controls, the Wide Glide showcases the quintessential characteristics of a traditional Harley Davidson. Some of its distinctive design elements include:

  • Wide, raked-out front forks and triple clamps for a chopper-style appearance
  • Extended rear fender, enhancing its stretched-out aesthetic
  • Higher seat height and overall heavier weight than the Street Bob

The Wide Glide’s design captures the essence of a classic cruiser motorcycle, making it a popular choice among riders who appreciate the timeless look and feel of a Harley Davidson.

By examining these differences in design and aesthetics, it becomes clear how the Street Bob and the Wide Glide cater to different preferences and riding styles. Both bikes have a unique appeal, offering distinct features and aesthetics that make them standout options for potential buyers.

Performance and Handling

In this section, we’ll discuss the performance and handling aspects of both the Street Bob vs Wide Glide, focusing on engine, suspension, and brakes. It’s essential to understand these features to make an informed choice between these two motorcycles.


We’ve found that there is a notable difference in the engine performances of the Street Bob vs Wide Glide. While both motorcycles come equipped with the powerful Harley Davidson V-twin engines, the Wide Glide tends to have a more aggressive performance compared to the Street Bob.

However, when it comes to acceleration, the Street Bob might slightly outperform the Wide Glide, which is partially due to its lighter weight.


When comparing the suspension of both bikes, we noticed that the Street Bob offers better handling and agility. The Street Bob’s suspension is more responsive, providing a more comfortable and confident ride, especially when taking tight turns or traveling on uneven roads.

On the other hand, the Wide Glide’s raked-out front end gives it a chopper-like appearance but might compromise its handling in certain situations, making it less agile than the Street Bob when maneuvering through tight corners.


As for the braking performance, both motorcycles come with standard Harley Davidson brakes. However, our analysis shows that the Street Bob tends to have slightly better braking capabilities than the Wide Glide. It may be attributed to its lighter weight and more balanced suspension, allowing it to come to a stop more quickly and safely.

Nevertheless, both Street Bob vs Wide Glide offer satisfactory braking performance to meet the needs of most riders.

Riding Comfort and Ergonomics

Riding Position

When it comes to riding position, both the Street Bob vs Wide Glide offer unique experiences. On the Street Bob, we find a more upright and relaxed seating posture, thanks to the combination of the mini-ape hanger handlebars and mid-mounted foot controls. This allows us to maintain a comfortable and commanding stance throughout the ride.

On the other hand, the Wide Glide boasts a slightly more aggressive riding posture, stemming from its wider, raked-out forks and forward-mounted foot controls. While this may offer a sportier feel, some riders might find it less comfortable for longer trips.

Seat and Passenger Accommodations

Addressing seat comfort, the Street Bob features a lower seat height compared to the Wide Glide, which can be appealing to shorter riders or those who prefer a more grounded feel. The seat itself is designed for comfort, and we find it suitable for long rides.

However, the stock seat on the Wide Glide is a bit more minimalist, and some riders might find it lacking in terms of support and cushioning. If you prefer a plush seat for lengthy road trips, you might want to consider a third-party upgrade.

As for passenger accommodations, the Street Bob comes with a minimal pillion seat and passenger footpegs, although they may not be ideally positioned for everyone. The Wide Glide offers a bit more spacious seating for passengers, as well as a detachable sissy bar for added back support.

Pricing and Value

When considering the purchase of a motorcycle, pricing and value are important factors to keep in mind. In terms of the Harley Davidson Street Bob vs Wide Glide, there are some differences in price that might affect our decision.

Generally, the Street Bob is the more affordable option between the two. This is due to its slightly smaller size and less intricate design. However, both bikes offer customizable features, so the overall cost can vary greatly depending on your preferences. Some of the factors that can influence the pricing include paint color, engine size, and additional accessories. Prices may also vary depending on model year and any promotions or discounts offered by dealerships.

The value of these two motorcycles can also be judged based on their performance, reliability, and long-term ownership costs. While the Street Bob may have a lower initial price, the Wide Glide might be a more economical choice for long tours, as it has been noted to be more comfortable for extended rides. Additionally, taller riders might find the Wide Glide more suitable for their needs.

It’s essential to carefully consider the purpose of your motorcycle to ensure you’re making the best choice in terms of pricing and value. Here’s a summary of key differences between the Street Bob vs Wide Glide:

  • Street Glide: More affordable, suitable for shorter rides, smaller size.
  • Wide Glide: Better for long tours and taller riders, larger design, may have higher initial cost.

By comparing these factors, you can make an informed decision based on your individual needs and preferences, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

The Verdict On The Street Bob vs Wide Glide

In comparing the Street Bob vs Wide Glide, we found that both bikes have their own unique appeal and characteristics, which cater to different rider preferences. Although they share some similarities, their differences are worth considering when making a final decision.

The Wide Glide offers a classic chopper styling, a more relaxed riding position, and a beefier front end. It is suited for those who appreciate traditional aesthetics and prioritize comfort during longer rides. However, some riders might find the rear fender design less appealing.

On the other hand, the Street Bob is a more versatile option that handles better due to its lighter weight and lower seat height. With the option for factory customization, riders can tailor the bike to their individual preferences. While the Street Bob’s upright riding position might not suit everyone, it is worth considering for those who prioritize handling and performance.

When making a decision, we recommend test riding both the Street Bob vs Wide Glide to get a feel for their unique characteristics. It’s important to consider factors such as handling, aesthetics, customization options, and your personal riding style. Ultimately, the choice between the Street Bob vs Wide Glide comes down to personal preferences, so take your time and find the bike that best suits your needs.

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