street glide to road glide conversion parts list

Street Glide to Road Glide Conversion Parts List: The Ultimate Guide

At MotoSquids, we understand the desire to personalize our bikes and make them stand out on the road. One popular customization is converting a Street Glide to a Road Glide, which not only changes the appearance but can also offer improved performance and handling. In this article, we will be covering the essential Street Glide to Road Glide conversion parts list needed for this conversion project.

Before diving into this conversion, it’s important to recognize the differences between the Street Glide and Road Glide models. The most noticeable difference is the fairing design; Street Glides have a batwing fairing attached to the handlebars, while Road Glides have a frame-mounted shark-nose fairing. This difference in fairing design affects a number of parts, including mounting brackets, air ducts, and more. We’ve gathered information on the necessary parts to help make your Street Glide to Road Glide conversion as smooth as possible.

Armed with this knowledge and the appropriate parts list, we can tackle this conversion project with confidence. Regardless of whether we’re seeking improved handling, a unique aesthetic, or simply looking for a new project, converting a Street Glide to a Road Glide can be a rewarding experience. Let’s explore the key components necessary for this transformation.

Conversion Overview

When converting a Street Glide to a Road Glide, there are several key components that need to be considered. In this section, we will outline the most important parts for a successful conversion.

First, the inner and outer fairings need to be replaced. These parts are essential for properly mounting the Road Glide fairing onto the Street Glide frame. Additionally, air ducts and frame mounting brackets need to be installed to ensure the new fairing functions correctly.

Next, focus on the frame crash bar and upper fairing vents. Both of these elements play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and performance of the motorcycle. Similarly, the radio bracket is another important piece that should be included in the conversion.

Glove box components, such as doors, hinges, and internals, will also need to be replaced to match the Road Glide style. This step is essential for maintaining a cohesive look and ensuring that all compartments are functional.

Finally, extra attention should be paid to the wiring harnesses. Some specific harnesses, such as the Road Glide interconnect, accessories/cruise, and speaker wiring harnesses, may need to be purchased and installed to ensure proper electrical connections.

Throughout the conversion process, it is important to follow recommended guidelines and consult relevant manuals or professionals to ensure the best results. With proper preparation and attention to detail, the Street Glide to Road Glide conversion can be both rewarding and successful.

Required Street Glide to Road Glide Conversion Parts List

Converting a Street Glide to a Road Glide requires a variety of components to successfully complete the transformation. In this section, we will discuss the necessary Street Glide to Road Glide conversion parts list for a successful conversion. The required components can be divided into several sub-sections.

Front Fairing and Mounting Kit

To begin the Street Glide to Road Glide conversion parts list, new Road Glide inner fairing and mounting brackets are required. The following items are needed:

  • Inner fairing (57000305 or 57000374DH)
  •  Frame mounting bracket (47200266)
  •  Frame crash bar bracket
  •  Air ducts (29200137 and 29200134)
  •  Upper fairing vent (29200102DH)

Windshield and Trim

The windshield and trim must be replaced with Road Glide-specific parts. Necessary items include:

  • Road Glide windshield
  •  Windshield mounts (brackets and hardware)
  •  Windshield trim

Headlight and Bezels

Replacement of the headlight assembly for the Road Glide conversion requires:

  • Headlight assembly (specific to Road Glide)
  •  Headlight bezels and/or trim

Gauges and Electronics

Relocating and fitting the necessary gauges and electronics involves the following parts:

  • Road Glide Interconnect Wiring Harness (70274-04)
  •  Road Glide Accessories/Cruise Wiring Harness (71625-04)
  •  Road Glide speaker wiring harness (71655-98)
  •  Fairing Radio bracket (47200217)

Handlebars and Controls

Finally, fitting the handlebars and controls for the conversion requires the following:

  • Road Glide-specific handlebars (if a style change is desired)
  •  New handlebar controls (switches, housings, and wiring)
  •  Glove box doors (76000426DH and 76000376DH)
  •  Glove box hinges (76000436-00 and 76000398-00)
  •  Glove box internals (76000370A and 76000422)

Optional Conversion Upgrades

In addition to the Street Glide to Road Glide conversion parts list mentioned, it’s also a great opportunity when doing this conversion to upgrade some other components as well.


When converting a Street Glide to a Road Glide, it’s a great opportunity for us to upgrade the suspension. Improving the suspension can result in better handling, smoother rides, and increased stability. We have a variety of options available, such as progressive springs, adjustable shocks, and even air-ride systems.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires play a significant role in customizing the look and enhancing the performance of the converted Road Glide. We can choose from a variety of wheel styles and sizes, as well as high-performance tires designed for added grip and stability. Some popular options include contrast chrome agitators and blacked-out wheel designs.

Audio System

Upgrading the audio system during the conversion process can enhance our overall riding experience. We can choose from a wide range of speakers, amplifiers, and head units designed specifically for motorcycles. Additionally, we can add waterproof components, Bluetooth integration, and even satellite radio to create a premium entertainment system.

Custom Accessories

Custom accessories can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the converted Road Glide. We have numerous options, such as:

  • Upgraded handlebars for improved ergonomics
  •  Custom paint jobs or graphics for a unique appearance
  •  Additional lighting, like LEDs or accent lights, for better visibility
  •  Performance exhaust systems for improved power and sound

Taking advantage of these optional conversion upgrades can help us build a truly personalized and high-performing Road Glide.

Common Issues and Tips

We have noticed that during a Street Glide to Road Glide conversion, some common issues may arise. To address these, we have gathered a few tips to help make the process smoother and more successful.

First, ensuring that all necessary parts on the Street Glide to Road Glide conversion parts list are acquired before starting the conversion is essential. Missing or incorrect parts can lead to delays and increase the conversion’s difficulty. Some key components needed for the conversion include inner fairing, air ducts, frame mounting brackets, and the appropriate wiring harnesses.

When it comes to the fitment of parts, be prepared for potential adjustments. Due to slight variances in production, some parts may not align perfectly, and modifications might become necessary. Keep this in mind and consider seeking help from experienced professionals if you’re not confident in making adjustments yourself.

Similarly, wiring can pose a challenge during the conversion process. Take the time to verify that you have the correct wiring harnesses, and be cautious when connecting existing electronics to the new fairing. A well-organized and labeled workspace can minimize errors and save time troubleshooting later on.

Lastly, we recommend researching and learning from others who have successfully completed similar conversions. Online forums, YouTube videos, or professionals within the Harley Davidson community can provide valuable insights, lessons learned, and tips for ensuring the success of your project. Remember, patience and thorough preparation are key to a successful conversion, and taking the time to learn from others can make a significant difference in the outcome.

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