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Supercharged Sportster – Unleashing the Beast

For die-hard motorcyclists, there is always a preferred type of bike; some opt for the comfort and sufficiency of touring bikes, whereas others prefer to unleash the power and agility of sport bikes. Yet, among these devoted riders exists another breed that seeks out more than just an adrenaline rush: they crave a supercharged Sportster to unlock its real potential.

Turbos and Cams: The Perfect Combo

Instead of going for a supercharged Sportster, some motorists prefer the perfect combination of turbocharger and camshafts. Turbos inject additional air into the engine to give it a significant power boost while camshafts optimally time intake and exhaust valve openings to make sure peak performance is achieved.

Consequently, many agree that turbos benefit most from increased intake lift and slightly longer intake duration than the exhaust side. Additionally, utilizing a wide LSA (lobe separation angle) can help maximize your Sportster’s turbo-powered performance.

The Power of Superchargers

If you’re looking for a top notch engine booster, then look no further than the Andrews EV31. Crafted with supercharged engines in mind and featuring a specific timing set for those equipped with 10.5+ compression ratio, this superbly designed solution generates remarkable power gains on both intake and exhaust valve lift.

More Horsepower, More Fun

Owners have boasted obtaining a staggering 130 horsepower with their supercharged Sportster, transforming the vehicle into an adrenaline-pumping machine. As if that wasn’t awe-inspiring enough, these motorcycles can reach speeds of 100 mph in mere seconds. If you’re looking for excitement and power, then this is precisely what you need.

Indeed, many are able to reach speeds of up to 100 mph in third gear alone with their turbocharged Sportsters which can offer close to a hundred horsepower and an impressive 75 ft-lbs torque.

Debunking the “Entry-Level” Myth

While Sportsters are often underestimated, they offer an impressive power-to-weight ratio and responsive handling that can rival many of the more powerful motorcycles out there. With careful setup and maintenance, these bikes prove to be anything but “entry-level.”

While some riders may feel more at ease with a bigger, heavier bike, the ride of a supercharged Sportster is cherished by countless thrill-seeking Harley aficionados.

Reliability and Durability

Although adding a turbo or supercharger to a Sportster can be intimidating, the engine has proven its capability for increased power. Forum user GraemeR is an example of this as he reports his stock compression, internals and clutch are still holding up after having added a supercharger. The success stories such as this demonstrate that with proper care and maintenance your car will handle any force you put it through.

With the right upkeep and high-grade components, a supercharged Sportster can be both dependable and exhilarating.

Unleashing the Beast – Supercharged Sportster

With the power of turbochargers, superchargers, and optimized camshafts, a Sportster can become a beastly machine with unbeatable levels of performance. This modified ride offers an extraordinary riding experience that fuses together both agility and responsiveness from sports bikes along with Harley Davidson’s notable sound and aesthetic. Without breaking your wallet for bigger models, you too can enjoy this level of speed comparable to more expensive motorcycles.

The adrenaline rush of a supercharged Sportster is unmatched. For those who crave fierce power and responsive handling, there’s simply no better way to ride.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on the Supercharged Sportster:

What is a supercharged Sportster?

Unleash the true potential of your Harley Davidson Sportster with a supercharger modification. This upgrade will give you more power, boost acceleration and top speeds, and enhance the bike’s handling capabilities. Now you can cruise down those open roads in style while experiencing ultimate performance from your incredible ride.

How does a supercharger work on a Sportster?

A supercharged Sportster works to provide more power and torque by compressing air, which is then pushed into the engine’s combustion chamber. This elevated pressure allows for increased fuel burning, resulting in greater horsepower output that surpasses your vehicle’s natural capabilities. Such a device is usually driven with a belt connected to your car’s crankshaft.

What are the benefits of supercharging a Sportster?

By supercharging your Sportster, you can experience numerous advantages such as:
– Increased horsepower and torque
– Improved acceleration and top speed
– Enhanced throttle response
– Greater overall performance and handling

Will supercharging my Sportster affect its reliability?

Supercharging your Sportster should not negatively affect its dependability with the correct installation and management. However, it can place additional strain on some engine/drivetrain components. To guarantee a successful upgrade, only utilize top-notch parts while also rigorously following manufacturer instructions for upkeep and tuning.

Can I supercharge any Sportster model?

Supercharging a Sportster is an option for most models, however it’s important to double-check that the kit you’re eyeing up works with your specific model and year. To make sure everything goes smoothly, get in touch with a specialist or research the compatibility of any supercharger kits before making your purchase. That way you can sit back and enjoy the extra power on offer.

How much does it cost to supercharge a Sportster?

Supercharging your Sportster will require an investment, with a typical range of $2,500 to $5,000 for the supercharger kit. Installation and additional modifications like fuel system or suspension components are extra costs you’ll want to consider too. With the right set-up though, it can be worth every penny as you experience power unlike anything else.

Can I install a supercharger on my Sportster myself?

Installing a supercharger on your Sportster may be possible without professional assistance, however, it is advised to have an experienced mechanic perform the task. This is because it necessitates specialized skills and tools as well as knowledge of engine tuning techniques in order to ensure optimal functionality and dependability.

Will supercharging my Sportster affect its fuel economy?

Adding performance upgrades to your Sportster can often reduce fuel efficiency due to the more remarkable power and torque. Though, this decrease in economy is generally accepted since it provides a far better riding experience with enhanced results.

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