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The Best Exhaust for Heritage Softail (Top 3)

If you’re the proud owner of a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, then no doubt you understand its incredible power and sleek style. However, to really experience all your ride has to offer, investing in an excellent exhaust system is essential.

With so many different choices available for these classic bikes it can be daunting finding one that suits your needs perfectly – which is why we have put together this article exploring some of the best exhaust for Heritage Softail. Read on to discover what makes them such great options worth considering.

The Best Exhaust for Heritage Softail

To get the best performance out of your Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, you need to make a well-informed decision about which exhaust will be most suitable for it. There are several kinds available on the market – let’s explore the best exhaust for Heritage Softail.

Freedom Performance Exhaust

At Freedom Performance, you can find the perfect exhaust system for your Heritage Softail Classic or Deluxe model from 2000 to 2017. The Sharp Curve Radius system is specially designed to provide peak performance with brilliant sound quality and a sleek reverse cone megaphone design plus stainless steel end caps for an unbeatable rider experience. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity; grab your new system today.

Vance & Hines Exhaust Systems

Vance & Hines provide an impressive selection of exhaust systems that are tailor-made for Harley Davidson Heritage Softails from 2004 and on. Not only will these give your bike a classic look, but their deep rumbly sound adds performance and style to your ride. And if you need it, they come equipped with 12mm oxygen sensor ports too. With Vance & Hines’ legendary products, you’ll have the perfect combination of looks and power – truly unbeatable.

Cobra Speedster Shorts Exhaust System

This system is reasonably priced and offers extraordinary performance, thanks to its 2-into-1 design. It was created after a comprehensive tuning process that successfully boosts torque without sacrificing throaty rumble or horsepower – plus it’s incredibly simple to set up, so you can start using your new system right away.

Best Exhaust for Heritage Softail Comparison Table

Exhaust SystemFeaturesPerformance IncreaseSound Level Change
Freedom Performance Exhaust2-into-1 stepped headers, full coverage heat shieldsMaximum power, reduction in noise levelsUnmistakable sound with rumble when accelerating from idle speed
Vance & Hines Exhaust SystemsStepped header pipes built into 2-into-1 pipe design, optional Quiet BafflesImproved performance with or without modifications, increased torque delivery at lower RPMsReduced noise levels without impacting performance
Cobra Speedster Shorts Exhaust SystemFull coverage heat shields plus 2” diameter stainless steel pipes, chambered mufflersIncreased power outputDeep throaty sound synonymous with Harley Davidsons
Best Exhaust for Heritage Softail Comparison Table

All in all, there are several marvelous exhaust systems to choose from for your Heritage Softail motorcycle. Every one of them has its own unique advantages and performance benefits. The Freedom Performance Exhaust is the ideal choice if you’re looking for maximum power while suppressing excessive noise levels, whereas a Vance & Hines system will be perfect if you’d like improved performance with or without modifications.

The Cobra Speedster Shorts Exhaust System is the ultimate addition to your bike, offering improved power output and a booming sound that will turn heads. Consider researching each exhaust system available on the market before deciding what works best for you and your Heritage Softail so that you get the most out of this upgrade.


Below are some FAQs about the best exhaust for Heritage Softail:

What are the different types of exhaust systems available for Heritage Softail motorcycles?

If you’re looking to upgrade your Heritage Softail motorcycle, there are three distinct exhaust systems that can fit the bill. Freedom Performance Exhaust provides a larger volume of sound and power, while Vance & Hines offers an integrated design for maximum performance. Cobra Speedster Shorts is perfect for those seeking a more aggressive style with all-around improved performance capabilities. Whichever system you choose, know that it will enhance both your bike’s look and feel.
The Freedom Performance Exhaust offers a 2-into-1 stepped header design with full coverage heat shields that together provide maximum power output and reduced noise levels. Vance & Hines also offer a uniquely designed system featuring the same stepped header pipes built into their own 2-into-1 pipe style, along with optional Quiet Baffles to improve performance no matter your modifications – all while still reducing sound emissions.
Finally, the Cobra Speedster Shorts Exhaust System is designed to deliver a signature deep and throaty Harley Davidson sound as it increases your power output. It features full coverage heat shields and 2″ diameter stainless steel pipes with chambered mufflers for maximum performance.
Overall what is the best exhaust for Heritage Softail? Well that’s entirely up to your specific tastes, but if you choose from any of the 3 we recommend, then you won’t be disappointed.

What should I consider when choosing an exhaust system for my Heritage Softail motorcycle?

When selecting an exhaust system for your Heritage Softail motorcycle, great attention should be paid to the construction material, pipe size, header shape and muffler design. By making sure these elements are taken into account you will be able to optimize performance with a perfect choice.
Take into consideration how your choices will affect performance, like increased power output or greater torque delivered at lower RPMs. Finally, determine what sound level you’d prefer for your bike – should it be loud and thunderous or stay relatively quiet?

Are there any other benefits to installing an exhaust system on my Heritage Softail motorcycle?

Absolutely. Installing a new exhaust system can provide aesthetic benefits as it has unique finishes like chrome or black ceramic coating that can elevates the look of your bike even more.

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