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The GSXR 750 Stretched – All You Need To Know

The Suzuki GSX-R 750 is a well-known sport bike, renowned for its formidable engine and agile ride quality. Many riders have chosen to “stretch” the swingarm of this motorcycle, which gives it a more intimidating look and lengthens the overall frame – but comes with an equally hefty price tag.

Investing in a GSXR 750 stretched swingarm is no small expense— prices typically span from $1000-$2000. While the cost isn’t cheap, it’s essential to decide whether it aligns with your budget and desired look/performance. Costs may vary based on who does the work (ie: shop or individual), materials used, and any customization you desire. Ultimately, this investment could be worth every penny when considering what can be gained!

Stretching a swingarm can be costly due to the intricate and meticulous work that must be done. As this component is essential for proper suspension, any alteration requires an experienced mechanic who can guarantee that it will not only function correctly but also remain safe. Any mistake or oversight could lead to less than satisfactory performance of the bike’s handling and stability.

Along with the extra parts needed such as extended chain and brake lines, stretching a swingarm has one more large expense – it can alter the aerodynamics of your bike. The additional length increases drag that affects performance; making custom modifications necessary to keep up with desired results. All these factors contribute to expensive installation costs for stretched swingarms.

Ultimately, modifying a GSXR 750 stretched swingarm can be quite expensive. Before deciding on this modification, it is important to determine if the desired look and performance are worth the cost involved. Additionally, riders should search for a reliable mechanic who has experience performing these types of modifications safely and accurately in order to avoid costly mistakes or accidents down the line.


Below are the most frequently asked questions about the GSXR 750 stretched swing arm:

How much does it cost for a GSXR 750 stretched swingarm?

The price of stretching a GSX-R 750 swingarm can vary depending on the service provider, materials employed, and customization desired. Broadly speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000-$2000 for this job.

Why is stretching a swingarm so expensive?

Stretching a swingarm requires an immense degree of accuracy and expertise, as custom parts must often be produced to accommodate the extended lengths. Although this can add to the price tag, it is worth considering that added length may have implications for aerodynamics, thus affecting performance and creating more drag.

Will GSXR 750 stretched swingarm affect the bike’s handling and stability?

There is no doubt that stretching a swingarm can impact the performance of a bike – but only if done incorrectly! It’s paramount to have it modified by an experienced technician in order to ensure the best possible results and optimum handling. After all, you want your ride to be stable and reliable on every journey.

Are there any downsides to a GSXR 750 stretched swingarm?

Stretching a swingarm can create a more dynamic and assertive aesthetic, however it also amplifies drag and reduces the bike’s aerodynamics. Moreover, the extended length of the arm could make maneuvering at high speeds or in sharp turns much harder to handle.

Is a GSXR 750 stretched swingarm worth the cost?

It’s up to you whether stretching a swingarm is worth the expense. Everyone has different priorities and preferences, so some riders may opt to spend their money on this change for style and power while others might decide that other modifications or upgrades are more important.

How can I find a reputable mechanic to make my GSXR 750 stretched?

If you’re looking for the best shop in town to handle swingarm stretching, asking fellow riders and biker clubs is a great place to start. You can also comb through online reviews of local motorcycle shops, then make sure they have experience with this job and references or past examples available. That way, you know your bike’s in good hands!

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