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The Harley Davidson Candle – A Unique Addition To Your Home

Harley Davidson is a revered and renowned brand, having crafted some of the most iconic motorcycles in history for over one hundred years. However, have you ever heard of their signature candles? That’s right – Harley Davidson not only has an array of magnificent motorized products but also wax-based ones. In this article, we will be diving into all the details regarding this extraordinary product line.

History of Harley Davidson

In order to fully recognize the significance of a Harley Davidson candle, one must comprehend its illustrious heritage. In 1903, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson established the foundation for this iconic motorcycle brand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – creating their first model with only two wheels in a small shed situated at the back of the Davidons’ property. This vintage racing motorbike marvelously named “Silent Gray Fellow” initiated an American motorbike revolution that would greatly impact generations to come.

Over the years, Harley Davidson has become iconic in American culture. Appearing in movies, songs and other media forms, it stands for freedom and adventure – a testament of the open road. Nowadays, Harley Davidson is a multinational company that manufactures an extensive range of motorcycles as well as relevant accessories and merchandise which further promote its brand message.

The Harley Davidson Candle

The Harley Davidson candle is an item that has attracted the attention of fans of the iconic brand. Crafted with luxurious soy wax, it’s fragranced to bring you on a journey and remind you of your time atop a Harley motorcycle while cruising along open roads. The aroma contains intricate notes leather, sandalwood and amber – creating an atmosphere like no other.

This luxurious candle is expertly encased in an elegant black glass jar with the Harley Davidson logo proudly displayed. Not only does this stylish item bring a modern and sleek appearance to any room, but it also offers generous burn time of up to 60 hours. This means you can enjoy your favorite scent for days on end without having to worry about needing to buy another one anytime soon.

Why Buy a Harley Davidson Candle?

If you’re searching for a meaningful gift, or just looking to bring some Harley Davidson spirit into your home, there are many reasons why the Harley Davidson candle is an ideal choice. Here’s what people love about it:

  1. It is a unique addition to your collection: If you’re a Harley Davidson enthusiast, the candle is an absolute necessity – it’s one of kind and can’t be found anywhere else.
  2. It makes a great gift: Whether you’re looking for a unique gift to celebrate an occasion or simply want to show your appreciation, the Harley Davidson candle is sure to be met with enthusiasm. It’s perfect for any lover of this iconic brand, making it ideal for birthdays, Christmas gifts and more.
  3. It evokes the feeling of adventure: Let this candle bring to life the thrilling sensation of riding a Harley Davidson Motorcycle on an open road. Crafted with passion for those who live for adventure and exploration, it’s ideal for any thrill-seeker.
  4. It is made from high-quality materials: Crafted with superior-grade soy wax, this candle will burn without leaving any residues while its quality scent is guaranteed to linger.

Where to Buy a Harley Davidson Candle

If you’ve been looking for a Harley Davidson candle, look no further. This signature scent is available on the official Harley Davidson website and other sites such as Amazon. As well, it can be found in select Harley Davidson stores.

When shopping for a Harley Davidson candle, make sure you select a reliable seller. Verify the quality of the product by perusing reviews from previous buyers.

The Harley Davidson Candle Holder

Harley Davidson has gone above and beyond with their candle holder, designed to be the perfect addition to any room. Crafted from custom tooled metal combined with a wood base, this exquisitely crafted item is sure to last for years of enjoyment. Not only does it perfectly complement your décor but also showcases the classic Harley treads proudly displayed on each tire.

The candle holder boasts bold H-D Tire Tread cut-outs, offering an unmistakable look that is sure to draw attention. Plus, the addition of a Bar & Shield medallion leaves no doubt as to its authenticity – making it clear you’re getting only genuine Harley Davidson quality.

With a stylish slate grey finish and lustrous silver interior, the Harley Davidson candle holder is sure to be an eye-catching centerpiece in any room. Its well-crafted design will not only look stunning, but also last for years of enjoyment as its durable exterior ensures resilience against scratches and fading.

It’s imperative to remember that the Harley Davidson candle holder doesn’t come with a candle included, so you must buy one separately in order to use it.

No matter where you decide to place it, the Harley Davidson candle holder will bring a unique and stylish touch of class to your home, office or garage. Featuring classic treads of an H-D tire that are sure to please any brand fan’s eye – this essential accessory is perfect for displaying either a Harley Davidson Candle or other candles alike.

Other Options for Harley Candles

If you’re a Harley Davidson fan looking to add something unique and special to your collection, take note: many online stores offer their own designs of Harley Davidson candles that differ from the official product. These original candle creations come with one-of-a-kind scents, flavors, and combinations for an elevated experience for all fans of the brand.

These candles may not be licensed Harley Davidson products, but they are still of exceptional quality and meant to bring forth the sense of liberty and thrill synonymous with this brand. You can find different designs like motorcycle shaped models that flaunt the iconic H-D logo or even ones having wings, skulls, or flames – all hallmarks associated with Harley Davidson.

When purchasing a Harley Davidson candle online, make sure to select an authentic and reliable vendor. Read reviews of the product and check for positive feedback from other customers about the store’s reputation before making your purchase.

In Conclusion

With Harley Davidson’s signature candle, you and your loved ones can take a piece of the brand’s iconography with them wherever they go. Constructed from durable materials, this product is sure to provide long-lasting joy and evoke feelings of freedom that accompany owning a classic machine. If you want to show your admiration for the world renowned motorcycle maker or surprise someone special in your life who loves all things Harley Davidson, then make sure not to miss out on this exclusive item.


Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the topic of Harley Davidson candles and Harley Davidson candle holders:

What is the scent of the Harley Davidson candle?

The Harley Davidson candle provides a unique and signature aroma of leather, sandalwood, and amber – crafted to capture the feeling of conquering an open road with a roaring motorcycle.

What is the burn time of the Harley Davidson candle?

For long-lasting pleasure, the Harley Davidson candle offers a whopping 60 hours of burn time. Light up your home and enjoy its cozy atmosphere for many hours.

Can I use any candle in the Harley Davidson candle holder?

When it comes to the Harley Davidson candle holder, you can most certainly use any standard-sized candle. Yet for optimal fit and compatibility with the design, we strongly suggest using an official Harley Davidson candle instead.

Where can I buy a Harley Davidson candle?

You can get your hands on the one-of-a-kind Harley Davidson candle online, as well as in select retail stores. Shop for it directly from their official website or through other retailers such as Amazon. To support those who still prefer an offline shopping experience, this exclusive scent is available at a few of their brick and mortar stores.

What is the design of the Harley Davidson candle holder?

Add a touch of Harley Davidson style to your home with this exquisite candle holder. Crafted from custom-tooled metal, it stands on a sturdy wood base and features classic H-D Tire Tread cutouts and an iconic Bar & Shield medallion. The slate grey finish is complemented by the silver interior for added elegance.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using the Harley Davidson candle?

For your protection, take the necessary steps to guard against any dangers when using the Harley Davidson candle. Ensure that it is placed on a heat-resistant surface away from flammable materials, and never leave it unattended while lit. Additionally, make sure there are no drafts in the area where you set up this flame source so as to prevent potential hazards.

Are there any other Harley Davidson products that complement the candle and candle holder?

Certainly, Harley Davidson provides an extensive selection of products to supplement their popular candles and candle holders. These additional items include motorcycle-inspired decor for the home, clothing and accessories that are perfect for any biker fan.

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