harley davidson fuse box diagram

The Harley Davidson Fuse Box Diagram (Including Legend)

Harley Davidson, the renowned and venerated brand in the motorcycle world, is widely acclaimed for its powerful yet stylish motorcycles. Of course with any Harley comes a responsibility to know how all of its components work together — including being comfortable with working on your bike’s fuse box. In this article we will explore just that by unpacking what exactly a Harley Davidson fuse box diagram is and how it can help you troubleshoot issues concerning your cherished motorbike!

The Fuse Box

A Harley Davidson’s fuse box is normally situated beneath the seat, close to the battery. It houses multiple fuses that secure all of its electrical systems from power surges or short circuits. To make it easier for riders to know exactly where each fuse goes and what purpose it serves, a diagram on the inside cover of the fuse box offers an intuitive illustration of every fusion’s location and function.

When examining the fuse box diagram of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, you can discover vital details such as:

  • The number and location of each fuse
  • The amperage rating of each fuse
  • The function of each fuse

As an example, the fuse box for a Harley Davidson Street Glide could outline that fuse number one is located on the left side of the unit with 15 amps and used to protect headlight circuits. On the other hand, in comparison, you’ll find Fuse number two positioned to its right with 20 amperes and assigned to defend taillight wiring.

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The Harley Davidson Fuse Box Diagram

Don’t be left in the dark; with a fuse box diagram, you can easily figure out which fuse is linked to each electrical system on your motorcycle. If there’s an issue that requires troubleshooting, such as a headlight that won’t turn on, simply check the diagram and see what kind of amperage rating attaches to it – if it has blown, swap for one of identical power!

Keep in mind that when a fuse blows, it is generally pointing to an issue with the electrical system. Thus, you must strive to uncover and resolve the underlying problem before replacing the fuse; otherwise, it will most likely blow again in no time.

An essential element of the fuse box on a Harley Davidson is the main fuse. This larger, safeguard-like device is usually located in proximity to the battery and serves as protection for all electrical systems of your motorcycle; if it trips, every system will be disabled and you won’t get very far!

Concluding The Harley Davidson Fuse Box Diagram

Ultimately, the fuse box diagram on a Harley Davidson is indispensable for diagnosing and keeping up with your bike’s electrical systems. When you know where each fuse goes and what it does, spotting problems right away becomes easier than ever. Moreover, when swapping out fuses make sure to check the diagram as using an incorrect amperage may damage everything! Regularly inspecting and servicing your bike’s system of fuses will not only save you money – but also ensure a worry-free journey every time.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Harley Davidson fuse box diagram:

Where is the fuse box located on a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Harley Davidson motorcycles typically disguise the fuse box in a tucked away location close to the battery, hidden beneath the seat for easy access.

What information does the fuse box diagram provide?

When servicing a Harley Davidson motorcycle, it is essential to be familiar with the exact number of fuses and their respective locations, as well as amperage ratings and functions; after all this data can easily be found in any typical fuse box diagram.

What should I do if a fuse blows?

When a fuse trips, it often serves as an indication of a problem within the electrical system which it is safeguarding. It is thus essential to diagnose and rectify the fundamental issue before swapping out the fuse – otherwise, you risk having to replace this frequently-used part over and over again.

What is the main fuse on a Harley Davidson motorcycle and what does it do?

The main fuse of your Harley Davidson is a critical component located near the battery; it’s designed to protect all electrical functionality on the motorcycle. If this fuse blows, every system and function on the bike will be disabled- preventing it from starting up in any way!

Can I use a fuse with a higher amperage rating than the one specified in the fuse box diagram?

Absolutely not! Using a fuse with an amperage rating greater than what is indicated on the fuse box diagram can cause serious and irreversible damage to your electrical system. Therefore, it is essential that you always adhere to the fuse box guidelines when replacing or installing new fuses in order to ensure safety and longevity of your electrical setup.

How can I obtain a fuse box diagram for my specific Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Need to know the fuse box diagram of your Harley Davidson motorcycle? Look no further than its owner’s manual or a simple internet search. You’ll find what you need in no time!

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