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The Iconic Harley Davidson Ford F-150 Collaboration

Exemplifying American culture, the Ford F-150 and Harley Davidson brands have been synonymous with power and style for decades. Their collaborative effort produced some of the most sought after vehicles in recent history. Sadly, Ford discontinued producing this extraordinary truck; however, Tuscany Motors has ensured that its legacy lives on.

Tuscany Motors: The New Harley Davidson Ford F-150

Tuscany Motors, once known as Harley Trucks, is a business based in Elkhart, Indiana that specializes in crafting custom trucks such as the Harley Davidson Ford F-150. At the 2022 Chicago Auto Show they unveiled their new and improved F-150 Harley Davidson model which left everyone speechless with its amazing features.

Powertrain and Chassis

The new Harley Davidson Ford F-150 features a powerful powertrain, expertly upgraded by Tuscany Motors. The 5.0-liter V8 engine produces an impressive 700 horsepower thanks to the custom intake and filter, aluminum intercooler and fuel injectors, as well as a high flow exhaust system. Furthermore, BDS tuned suspension with Fox shocks paired with 22 inch Fatboy style wheels equipped with all terrain tires make this truck ready for any journey.

Exterior Features

Tuscany Motors did not skimp on the exterior of their F-150 Harley Davidson: it boasts many signature Harley components, such as a grille with honeycomb insert and custom rear bumper covers. Additionally, it includes an integrated LED light bar in the bumper for off-road use. No detail is too small; you’ll find the iconic logo on the tailgate, tonneau cover, and even windshield.

Interior Features

The inside of the Harley Davidson Ford F-150 is just as remarkable as its exterior. It’s designed with custom leather seats that have an orange diamond pattern, and also features embroidered Harley Davidson badges throughout. Moreover, it has stainless steel gauges in front of the driver seat, tinted windows and billet aluminum pedals – all standard. On top of this, floor mats and door sills are emblazoned with one iconic logo: The Harley Davidson badge.

Warranty and Pricing

Even after all of the amazing upgrades, Tuscany Motors is still offering a three-year/36,000-mile warranty on the F-150 Harley Davidson. Although pricing for 2022 has yet to be revealed, its predecessor began at $97,415.

Does Harley Davidson Make Trucks?

Although Harley Davidson is renowned for their motorcycles, they have also experimented in the truck industry. Although they don’t manufacture trucks presently, they team up with companies like Tuscany Motors to create unique vehicles display their iconic branding.

Harley Davidson Ford Truck History

The esteemed alliance between Ford and Harley Davidson began in 2000 with the production of the highly sought-after F-150 Harley Davidson truck. This game changing vehicle was praised for its unique mixture of stylishness, power and heritage – American through and through. Unfortunately, the partnership ended in 2012; however, that hasn’t stopped custom car builders like Tuscany Motors from keeping this legendary collaboration alive.

Sierra 1500 Harley-Davidson

Are you an avid fan of General Motors? If so, the Tuscany Sierra 1500 Harley Davidson will be perfect for you. This powerhouse truck may not equal the F-150 Harley’s capabilities but it certainly is a magnificent ride. As soon as you enter your cabin, exquisite leather seats and themed badging adorn each corner – plus unique exterior features that set this beauty apart from the crowd. So if you’re looking to add another stellar vehicle to your collection; don’t miss out on investing in this one-of-a kind GM model today.

Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Price

The Harley Davidson Ford F-150 will certainly come in at an impressive price point, ranging from $50,000 – $100,000 for those looking to equip the vehicle with all of its fantastic features. It may seem expensive but this truck is truly worth every penny; after all it encompasses the essence and style of two legendary American brands. With that kind of pedigree you can’t go wrong.

What Can Decatur Drivers Expect?

Decatur locals, the Harley Davidson Ford F-150 is an unparalleled choice for those who want a powerful and stylish vehicle. Combining classic style of Harley Davidson with the capability of the legendary F-150 performance creates a truck that stands out from all others. Hit up local hotspots around town or take to the open road – you’ll be sure to make heads turn wherever you go in your new Ford F-150 Harley Davidson.

In Conclusion

If you’re a pickup enthusiast, then the 2022 F-150 Harley Davidson from Tuscany Motors is an absolute must have. This impressive truck provides powerful performance and features exclusive styling that stands out in any crowd. You won’t miss its signature Harley Davidson branding adorning both the inside and outside of this one-of-a kind ride – truly something worth experiencing. Don’t let Ford’s discontinuation of their version keep you from owning your dream custom truck – experience all that this amazing vehicle has to offer today.

Here is a table with the key specifications for the 2022 Tuscany Motors Harley Davidson Ford F-150:

Engine5.0-liter V-8 supercharged
HorsepowerOver 700
SuspensionBDS-tuned with Fox shocks
Wheels22-inch Fatboy-style with all-terrain tires
Exterior FeaturesNew grille with honeycomb insert, LED light bar, etc.
Interior FeaturesHarley Davidson logo on mats, door sills, gauges, etc.
PriceNot yet announced; 2021 model started at $97,415
Warranty3-year/36,000-mile warranty

If you’re an enthusiast in search of something special, the Harley Davidson Ford F-150 is a must. It stands out with its extraordinary interior and exterior features that set it apart from other trucks on the market today. Don’t miss your chance to experience this spectacular truck.


Below are some FAQs on the Harley Davidson ford collaboration:

What is the powertrain and chassis of the 2022 Tuscany Motors Harley Davidson Ford F-150?

The unmistakable 2022 F-150 Harley Davidson boasts a beastly 5.0L V8 supercharged engine that puts out an astonishing 700+ horsepower – and don’t forget about the modified BDS suspension with Fox shocks for improved handling, as well as 22″ Fatboy style wheels wrapped in grippy all terrain tires.

What are some of the exterior features of the Harley Davidson Ford F-150?

Get noticed with the F-150 Harley-Davidson. This model sports a special grille and honeycomb insert, plus custom rear bumper covers that house an integrated LED light bar for off-roading. And don’t forget to look out for the iconic Harley logo on the tonneau cover, tailgate, and windshield.

What are some of the interior features of the Harley Davidson Ford F-150?

Get ready to be spoiled, because the interior of the Harley-Davidson Ford F-150 is all about luxury. From start to finish you will find yourself surrounded by style and comfort – from custom leather seats with an eye-catching orange diamond pattern, special embroidery throughout, and Harley Davidson logo floor mats and door sills; right down to billet aluminum pedals for a touch of modern flair.
And don’t forget that tinted windows have been included as standard on this one of kind ride.

What is the warranty and price of the Harley Davidson Ford F-150?

The 2022 model of the F-150 Harley-Davidson is now available at Tuscany Motors and comes backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. The cost for this incredible vehicle has yet to be determined; however, last years model began selling at an affordable $97,415.

What is the history of the collaboration between Harley Davidson and Ford?

Ever since 2000, Harley-Davidson and Ford have been teamed up to bring us the F-150. Nevertheless, their partnership sadly dissolved in 2012, causing Ford to halt production of its beloved Harley Davidson Ford F-150.

Does Harley Davidson make trucks?

Even though Harley Davidson does not produce their own trucks, they have partnered with reliable companies like Tuscany Motors to craft custom trucks that proudly showcase the iconic Harley Davidson branding.

What is the Sierra 1500 Harley Davidson?

Crafted by Tuscany Motors, the Sierra 1500 Harley Davidson is an awe-inspiring truck that offers many of the same exterior and interior features as its F-150 counterpart.
Although it doesn’t possess quite as much power, this custom vehicle remains an impressive machine with a notable abundance of Harley Davidson branding both in and outside.

How much does the Ford F-150 Harley Davidson cost?

If you’re searching for that extraordinary Harley Davidson Ford F-150, you may be surprised to find out how expensive it can get. Over $100,000 could easily end up being the final price with all of the features and upgrades selected.

What can Decatur drivers expect from the Harley Davidson Ford F-150?

For those living in Decatur, the Harley Davidson Ford F-150 is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a truck that delivers both performance and style. Its fusion of strength and Harley classic design makes it one of the most impressive vehicles on the market today.
A drive around town or down country roads will guarantee you admirers everywhere; with this model, you’ll be making a statement wherever your journey takes you.

Who produces the Harley Davidson Ford F-150 now that Ford no longer produces it?

Tuscany Motors, formerly Harley Trucks, is responsible for the production of the sleek and stylish Harley Davidson Ford F-150.

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