The P1511 Harley Code

The P1511 Harley Code – Causes And Solutions

Harley-Davidson riders, beware: if you see the P1511 Harley code illuminated on your bike’s dashboard, it is likely that there is a defect in its Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit. Take note and quickly address this issue for optimal performance!

The Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) system is in charge of regulating the throttle on a motorcycle. It consists of three main parts: the TAC motor, the TAC module, and the throttle body. The job of the TAC motor is to open and close off access to air entering into your engine through its control over the amount let out by way of closing or opening up from within its own housing -the throttle body.

Meanwhile, overseeing this operation stands our trusty Powertrain Control Module (PCM), also known as simply ‘The TAC module’. No matter how fast you might want it to go though; it’s always there keeping an eye on safety with every signal sent accordingly from itself for optimal performance!

When your system displays the P1511 Harley code, it is an indicator that something has gone awry with your TAC motor circuit. This could be attributed to a malfunctioning or erratic TAC module; irregular wiring or connections between elements; and/or some other problem associated with the TAC motor. As such, there might be many potential sources of this issue.

Please note, the other potential cause for this error could be the throttle grip sensor, but that’s usually resolved by ensuring all bolts and wires are secured correctly. If the problem persists it usually means it’s the Throttle Actuator.

Common Causes of the P1511 Harley Code

A frequent source of the P1511 Harley code is a faulty TAC motor. This mini electric engine, in charge of opening and closing the throttle body, can cause this error code if it fails to work properly due to multiple causes such as a worn-out motor, broken gears or issues with wiring or connections.

One of the most common issues triggering a P1511 Harley code is when the TAC module, which controls the TAC motor, isn’t functioning optimally. This can be caused by a defective unit; software or firmware difficulties; or faulty wiring and connections. If any of these are compromising your system’s efficiency, you may spot this error message on your vehicle’s dashboard.

If the TAC motor, module, and throttle body connections or wiring are not functioning correctly, then a P1511 code could be triggered. This can range from corroded wires to broken connections or grounding issues – all of which must be addressed for resolution.

How to Diagnose the P1511 Harley Code

To pinpoint the P1511 Harley code, a mechanic will usually use a diagnostic scanner to interpret it and identify its root cause. Furthermore, they may also look for any signs of deterioration or harm on the TAC motor, TAC module, and throttle body. Additionally, wiring checks as well as connection inspections are essential in order to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If a TAC motor is causing the issue, it will need to be replaced. If a malfunctioning TAC module is at fault, then repair or replacement of the module is required. Repair or replacement of wiring and connections may also be necessary if they are contributing to the problem.

Nip the P1511 Harley code in the bud immediately, as a broken TAC system can cause your motorcycle to lose power or even stall. If neglected further, it can also lead to severe engine damage. Act swiftly for optimal performance and safety!

Concluding the P1511 Harley Code

In conclusion, the P1511 Harley code is an error alert in Harley-Davidson motorcycles which points to a problem with the Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit. This could be caused by either a broken TAC motor or module, or maybe even due to misconnections between these two components and their wiring.

To identify the problem, a mechanic will use an advanced scanner and closely review the TAC motor, TAC module, throttle body along with their wiring and connections. Acting quickly is vital to safeguard your motorcycle from unexpected stalling or reduced power as well as potential engine damage.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on the P1511 Harley Code:

What is the P1511 Harley code on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

If your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is exhibiting the P1511 code, it’s an indication that there may be a problem with its Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit.

What causes the P1511 code to appear on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

The P1511 code could be ascribed to an array of factors, such as a defective TAC motor, a misbehaving TAC module, or disruption in the wiring or connections between these components.

How is the P1511 code diagnosed on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

A certified mechanic will usually utilize a diagnostic scanner to read the code and pinpoint the source of trouble. They may also look for wear or destruction on components such as TAC motor, TAC module, and throttle body; ensuring that wiring connections are in good condition too.

How is the P1511 code fixed on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

Malfunctions with the TAC motor require a replacement, while issues caused by the TAC module can be remedied through repair or substitution. Should faulty wiring be to blame for your distress, that too must either get mended or replaced.

Why is it important to address the P1511 code on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

It is essential to identify and rectify the P1511 code without delay, as a weak TAC system may lead to your motorcycle stalling or its power being significantly reduced. What’s more, if left unchecked it can even cause harm to your engine!

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