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The Shriner Bike – A Special Edition Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Harley Davidson is renowned for producing some of the most sought after motorcycles on the planet, especially with their special edition – The Shriner Bike. In this article, we will be delving into what sets the bike apart from other Harley Davidsons and understand why it’s such an iconic choice amongst riders.

History of the Shriner Bike

Honoring the Shriners, a brotherhood whose participation in parades and other public festivities is renowned, Harley Davidson named its bike after them – The Shriner Bike. To show their appreciation for members of this organization, they provided an exclusive discount on this model early on when first launching it to the market.

Acknowledging their service and courage, Harley Davidson began offering discounted Special Edition bikes to police, firefighters, and other such organizations. Even though each bike was distinctively different from one another in terms of design and features – all were still collectively labeled as “Shriner Editions” by the public.

Special Features of the Shriner Bike

Shriners exude the same power and performance as other Harley Davidson motorcycles, yet with one distinct distinction – Shriners insignia. Some Shriners models feature this emblem in various parts of their engine cases, while others have opted not to include it. It’s just a simple way for riders to show their commitment and pride.

The original Shriner’s boasted a signature Birch White with a tank decal, but the later models featured an alluring dark blue or two-tone light and dark blue. Today, those looking to purchase the Peace Officer Special Edition can do so in vivid black while members of the House of Jesters (the official clowns for Shriners) have access to the Heritage Softail Classic and Fatboy in concord purple.

Who Can Ride a Shriner Bike?

Although the Shriner is usually offered at a discounted price to members of organizations such as the Shriners, police officers, or firefighters, anyone can ride one. The writer of this article was never held accountable for buying their own bike despite not being a firefighter. Apparently they just liked it and purchased it without any “flack.” What’s more inspiring than that?

Buying a Shriner Bike

To obtain a brand new Shriner, the buyer must present their badge number ID card along with evidence from the organization leader. However, everyone has access to pre-owned models of this bike without further proof needed.

To illustrate the model designation, let’s consider a Firefighter Special Edition Road King and examine how its VIN number indicates it is actually a Shriner Edition.

Final Words On The Shriner Bike

The Shriner Bike is a Harley Davidson motorcycle specifically designed for members of the Shriners, police and firefighter organizations at an exclusive discount. While its only distinction from other Harleys may be the insignia or color, make no mistake – this bike remains one of the most revered and sought-after motorcycles in all land.

Show your pride and get yourself a Harley Davidson Shriner. They are located on the Special Editions page of their website. But don’t forget, if you’re purchasing one new, you must bring along with you your badge number ID card as well as an authorization letter from the head of your organization.


Below are some frequently asked questions about Shriner bikes:

What is a Shriner Bike?

Harley Davidson motorcycles are an iconic symbol of American motorcycling, and the Shriners Bike is no exception. A special edition motorcycle offered at a discounted price to members of the organization, these bikes feature all that Harley Davidson has to offer – with just one unique addition: a distinct emblem or color scheme. With its customized look and exclusive pricing, there’s simply no better way for Shriner members to enjoy their ride.

Can anyone buy a Shriner Bike?

Absolutely anyone can buy a pre-owned Shriner Bike, yet if you desire to purchase a brand new one, you must be a Shriners member and show the organization leader’s letter of authorization with your membership badge number.

What is the emblem on a Shriner Bike?

From the engine cases to other parts of the motorcycle, Shriner Motorcycles proudly display their emblem – a symbol that is recognized as an indicator of quality and excellence.

Is there a difference between a regular Harley Davidson motorcycle and a Shriner Bike?

The conspicuous contrast between a regular Harley Davidson motorcycle and a Shriner Bike is merely the insignia or in certain scenarios, color. There is no other divergence.

Can a Mason ride a Shriner Bike?

Yes, a Mason may indeed ride a Shriner Bike; however, people might inquire which Lodge they are affiliated with. Riding the bike does not necessarily make you part of the organization, yet those who aren’t members will likely receive some scrutiny and questions about it.

What types of motorcycles are available in the Shriner Bike program?

Harley Davidson’s most sought after special edition motorcycles, the Road King, Ultra Classic, Heritage Softail Classic and Fatboy are all included in their Shriner Bike program. You can find these iconic bikes on Harley Davidson’s website.

Is there a difference between a Shriner Bike and a Firefighter or Police Edition bike?

The only distinction between Shriner Bikes, Firefighter Edition bikes and Police Edition models is their emblem – as well as the color in some instances.

Can you get a Shriner Bike in a different color besides white or black?

If you are a proud member of the House of Jesters, then you can own your very own Shriner in Concord Purple – an exclusive item that is reserved for official clowns from the esteemed Shriners organization.

Is it possible to get a discount on a Shriner Bike if you are not a member of the Shriners organization?

Unfortunately, the discounted price for a Shriner is exclusive to only members of the Shriners organization.

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