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The Ultimate Electra Glide Vs Road Glide Comparison

Ready to hit the road? Look no further than Harley-Davidson’s Electra Glide vs Road Glide for a comfortable, stylish ride. Although both models provide smooth rides over long distances, you’ll notice some distinct differences between them that could make or break your journey.

With its classic design and traditional touring features, the Electra Glide has been a dependable choice since 1965. The rider and passenger enjoy a spacious seat while appreciating the abundance of storage space with saddlebags plus an additional top case for convenience. Furthermore, it is equipped with a timeless fork-mounted fairing that gives riders wind protection as well as allowing them to feel like they’re riding in style!

In comparison, the Road Glide was released in 1988 and boasts a modern style. It is marked by its signature “shark nose” fairing that’s mounted on to the bike frame for an intimidating and contemporary look. What’s more, it has a smaller design with sleek curves for improved aerodynamics when you’re out cruising down highways.

Suspension & Handling

When comparing the Electra Glide vs Road Glide, one of the major distinctions is their suspension. The former has a dual-shock rear setup that gives better comfort for extended rides but isn’t as agile compared to its counterpart’s single-shock suspension system with an enhanced front end. This allows you to maneuver winding roads efficiently on the Road Glide; though it may not be ideal if your plan is prolonged touring trips.

Performance – Electra Glide Vs Road Glide

A crucial disparity between the two models lies in their engines. Specifically, the Electra Glide is equipped with Harley’s established Milwaukee-Eight 107 and 114 V-Twin motors that supply a substantial quantity of strength while producing a steady, classic sound. Meanwhile, the Road Glide entices riders with its Milwaukee-Eight 114 motor which surpasses both engine models by providing greater power and responsiveness.

Technology – Electra Glide Vs Road Glide

When compared to the Road Glide, The Electra Glide may lack in technological advances. Features like a larger touch-screen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced navigation are all available with the Road Glide – allowing you to access more of its innovative capabilities.

The Electra Glide is normally more cost-effective than the Road Glide, making it a reliable choice for those who are mindful of their budget. Nevertheless, certain buyers may find that the tech and remarkable features of the Road Glide make its higher price tag worthwhile.

Our View On The Electra Glide Vs Road Glide

To sum up, both the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide vs Road Glide are superb touring motorcycles for long journeys. The Electra Glide is renowned for its classic look and traditional touring features, while the Road Glides provides a more modern aesthetic along with advanced technology. Whether you’re seeking an iconic experience or cutting edge function – either one of these two powerful machines will make your ride truly unforgettable!

The Electra Glide is usually more affordable than the Road Glide, yet some customers may be willing to pay a higher price for its improved features and modern technology. The decision between these two models rests entirely with the buyer’s financial situation, individual preferences, and purpose of riding the bike.


Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Electra glide vs Road glide comparison:

What are the main differences between the Electra Glide and Road Glide?

When comparing the Electra Glide vs Road Glide, several components set them apart. The former has a classic fork-mounted fairing for a more traditional style, while the latter features an updated “shark nose” frame-mounted fairing to give it an edgier aesthetic. Additionally, their suspensions and handling differ significantly as well as their engines and technology capabilities.

The Electra Glide is equipped with a classic dual-shock rear suspension, and its V-Twin engines come in two options: 107 and 114. On the other hand, the Road Glide offers you an even more responsive experience thanks to its advanced suspension system as well as larger touch-screen infotainment system complete with Bluetooth connectivity. And that’s not all! It also gives maximum power by using Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine.

Which model is better for long-distance touring?

If you’re looking for a bike perfect for long-distance touring, look no further than the Electra Glide or Road Glide. Although both are suited to extended trips, the Electra may be more comfortable. It has an expansive seat that makes it ideal for rider and passenger comfort, as well as ample storage space in way of saddlebags and top case; while its traditional suspension system guarantees comfort during even lengthy rides.

Which model is better for handling and performance?

The Road Glide is the clear choice when it comes to handling and performance, thanks to its superior shock absorption system and robust engine. Its single-shock rear suspension allows for improved maneuverability in tight corners, while its more reactive front suspension enhances stability on winding roads. Additionally, its Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine packs a greater punch than both the Electra Glide’s 107 and 114 models – providing you with an unparalleled driving experience!

Which model is more affordable?

If you’re seeking an affordable option, the Electra Glide is usually the way to go since it’s considerably cheaper than other models like the Road Glide.

Does the Road Glide have more advanced technology?

The Road Glide has a plethora of advanced technology, including an expansive touchscreen infotainment system and Bluetooth connectivity. On the other hand, the Electra Glide may lack certain features but still provides an enjoyable ride with its classic design.

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