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The Upside Down Mirrors Debate – Pros, Cons, and Personal Preferences

Have you been wondering about the upside down mirrors trend in the motorcycle community? If so, we’ve put together a comprehensive article to help inform your decision-making and get some insight from some of the key players. With intriguing perspectives being shared throughout this discussion, it’s sure to be an interesting piece for anyone considering flipped mirrors.


When it comes to visibility while riding, flipped mirrors have been known to work wonders – but that isn’t the case for everyone. How they will perform is dependent on a variety of factors such as your posture, bike size, and handlebar height. To ensure you get maximum visibility out of them it’s important to experiment with different positions until you find what works best for you. If all else fails bar-end mirrors may be a worthier investment than upside down ones in this regard.


Opinions on the aesthetics of flipped mirrors are divided – some riders have a fondness for them, while others may find them to be too garish. Appearance can depend heavily on both bike type and the rider’s sense of style. Ultimately, it falls down to personal taste when deciding whether upside down mirrors make an attractive addition or not.


Protecting your safety should always be the number one priority when making changes to any motorcycle. If you’ve experienced problems with flipped mirrors hitting the tank when maneuvering by turning handlebars hard, adjusting mirror stems may help resolve this issue. But if things don’t improve, prioritize security and look for another mirror arrangement rather than continuing with a potentially dangerous setup.

Personal Experiences

Countless motorcyclists have tried their luck with inverted mirrors, yet the outcomes are divided. During these experiments of trial and error, some bikers achieved success by merely adjusting their handlebars while others returned to stock positioning or tested bar end reflections instead. Many users found that flipping the mirrors works great when matched up with “48” bars; however, it may not be as fruitful for drag bars.

Upside Down Mirrors Pro’s and Cons

Improved visibility for some ridersDecreased visibility for others
Unique aesthetic appealSome riders may find the look unappealing
Can work well with certain handlebar setupsMay not be effective with other handlebar setups
Encourages individuality in motorcycle stylingCould be seen as a short-lived trend
Can potentially offer a better line of sightMay require adjustments for optimal positioning
May provide a cleaner look for some bikesPotential safety concerns with tank clearance
Upside Down Mirrors Pro’s and Cons Table


The discussion surrounding the usage of upside down mirrors serves as a reminder that we must consider aspects such as visibility, aesthetics, and safety when customizing our motorcycles. Each rider’s experience will be unique depending on their motorcycle model, size, and individual preferences.

It’s important to take the necessary steps and make adjustments in order to determine what works best for your needs, always keeping safety as a top priority. As you contemplate whether or not flipped mirrors are right for you, remember that embracing individuality is at the heart of motorcycle culture. With whatever setup you choose, be sure it reflects who you truly are.


Below are some frequently asked questions on upside down mirrors:

What are upside down mirrors?

Are you looking for an attractive, yet still practical solution to customize your motorcycle? Then flipped mirrors, also known as upside down mirrors, may be the perfect choice. Placing these mirrors underneath the handlebars instead of above them is an increasingly popular trend due to its smart benefits.

Can flipping my mirrors improve visibility?

Turning your mirrors around may enhance visibility for some riders, or conversely it might be the opposite experience. Your riding posture, bike size and handlebar height can all play a role in how effective flipped-mirrors are. To find what works best for you, adjust your mirror positioning to experiment with different options.

Are upside down mirrors safe?

Prioritizing safety should be the utmost concern when customizing your motorcycle. When turning the handlebars, some riders have had issues with their mirrors hitting against the tank. Adjusting your mirror stems may help to alleviate this issue; however if it persists, prioritize safety and utilize a different mirror set up for optimal peace-of-mind.

Do upside down mirrors look good on all types of motorcycles?

Flipped mirrors come in an array of shapes and sizes to match each bike’s unique style as well as the rider’s own preferences. Some riders may find them attractive, while others not so much – it all comes down to one’s individual taste.

Are there alternatives to upside down mirrors if I’m struggling with visibility?

Bar end mirrors are a popular choice for bikers who face visibility concerns with traditional motorcycle mirrors. By connecting to the ends of handlebars, these types of mirrors can offer improved vision and peace-of-mind for many riders.

How do I know if upside down mirrors are right for me?

When deciding if flipped mirrors are the right option for you, visibility, aesthetics, and safety should be taken into account. Test various mirror setups to pinpoint the configuration that works best for your needs. It’s important to note that each rider will have a different experience based on their bike type, size and individual preferences

Can I flip my mirrors back to the stock position if I don’t like them upside down?

When considering your mirror setup, prioritize safety and visibility first. If you find that upside down mirrors aren’t the right fit for you, feel free to re-adjust your mirrors back into their stock position.

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