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Top 10 Songs About Harley Davidson

Set the stage for an unforgettable ride with a playlist of rockin’ songs about Harley Davidson! For a truly epic experience, let your hair fly and turn up the volume to hear that unmistakable engine roar. Put on your helmet, grab the handlebars and get ready to dive into some awesome tunes that will have you feeling like royalty as you cruise down those open roads. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go take this journey – crank it up!

Top 10 Songs About Harley Davidson

Here is my list of the top 10 songs about Harley Davidson, it wasn’t hard to put together this list as Harley is such an iconic brand that has won the hearts of millions, the world over. We’ve got quite a diverse range of songs from, modern to classic to back in the 70s. Sit back, relax and enjoy as you go through the list, which was put together in no particular order.

  • “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf – The ultimate anthem for Harley riders, This iconic rock anthem will get your energy levels surging and put you in the mood to move! As the song says, “Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway.”
  • “Unknown Legend” by Neil Young – To kick off our list of songs about Harley Davidson, Neil name drops harley and sings about what it’s like riding a Harley with the lyrics “Somewhere on a desert highway, She rides a Harley-Davidson, Her long blonde hair flyin’ in the wind”
  • “Harley Davidson” by AC/DC perfectly captures what it’s like being a Harley owner, and rather than just riding it’s more of an escape when you hope on the Harley. The lyrics go like this “Anytime I wanna, every time I can I’ll escape on my Harley-Davidson”
  • “Harley Davidson” by Brigitte Bardot. This is an interesting one, this time sung in french and I have absolutely no idea what Brigitte Bardot is singing about, but she quite clearly mentions Harley Davidson several times throughout the song
  • “Harley Davidson” by Mick Harvey. When there’s no other care in the world aside from riding, this song perfectly encapsulates that feeling with lyrics that go something like this “I don’t need anyone on my Harley Davidson, I recognise no one on my Harley Davidson”.
  • “Harley Davidson” by Diesel Dahl, released in 1997 this song and talks about the addictive side of owning such a mean machine “Had a dream when I was seventeen, me and my Jane on a mean machine.” and being addicted to the feelin’ it gives you that it becomes a need in life to ride it.
  • La Grange (Easy Rider) by ZZ Top, in this song you can hear a classic rock style that’s utilized in many Harley-inspired songs, and you can also see in the music video two guys riding through the desert on their Harley Davidsons. Quite a popular song, if you didn’t know the name of it, you surely would’ve heard it at some point in your life.
  • Harley-Davidson Blues by Canned Heat, another classic from 1973, the Harley Davidson blues, you’ll be met with lyrics such as “There came a knockin’ noise down by my shoe, I’ve got them broke down Harley Davidson blues.” showcasing the not so good part of Harley ownership, the potential of breaking down, but all bikes have their problems.
  • “Motorcycle Mama” by Sailcat. Back in the music time machine, into the 70s again, a more mellow and chill Harley song, lyrics are also somewhat more chill as well “You’ll be the queen of my highway, my motorcycle mama. We’ll see the world through my Harley.”
  • Now something completely off the scale of rock to blues, we have a song by Katy Perry called Harleys In Hawaii. Also being the most modern song on this list adds a fresh and different flavour to our top 10 songs about Harley Davidson

That’s a Wrap for Songs About Harley Davidson

So there you have it, a very eclectic and interesting mix of songs about Harley Davidson, I hope you enjoyed going through the list and now have the perfect song to listen to before, during or after your next ride. Now time to hit the road and let the good times roll.

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