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U0184 Harley Code – Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Riding a Harley Davidson can be an unforgettable experience, yet the U0184 Harley Code can quickly turn that joyride into a nightmare. This tricky communication error between your bike’s electronic control modules and radio module is commonly experienced by riders, which often leads to fear as it might indicate potential issues with their motorcycle. To help you understand what this code means, we’ve put together all the information you need – from possible causes to symptoms and solutions for the U0184 Emergency Code.

What is the U0184 Harley Code?

When the ECM is unable to receive a response from the radio module, it generates and stores U0184 Harley Code in its memory. This code-triggering communication failure produces a check engine light on the motorcycle’s dashboard, alerting riders that something has gone awry with their bike’s electronic control module (ECM).

Causes of the U0184 Harley Code

Potential sources of the U0184 Harley Code can include:

  1. Loose, dirty, or corroded connections: Inconsistent or contaminated wiring connections and corroded electrical contacts can lead to communication breakdowns between your ECM and radio module.
  2. Faulty radio module: If the radio module is malfunctioning and unable to communicate with the ECM correctly, it can produce a U0184 code.
  3. Low battery voltage: When battery voltage drops below a certain level, the electrical system of your bike can suffer severe problems and may result in errors during communication between the ECM (Engine Control Module) and the radio module.
  4. Software glitch: If a software malfunction occurs within the radio module’s firmware, it can impede communication between the module and ECM, thus activating U0184 code.

Symptoms of the U0184 Harley Code

Do you feel any of the following symptoms of U0184 Harley Code? If so, here is what to look out for:

  1. Check engine light: When the U0184 code is activated, an alert will be displayed on your bike’s dashboard in the form of a illuminated check engine light.
  2. Radio malfunction: Issues such as display, sound quality, and connectivity may arise in the radio module if it is not functioning optimally.
  3. Loss of communication with the bike’s other electronic control modules: Due to its communication failure with the radio module, other electronic control modules of the bike may be unable to interact with the ECM.

Solutions to the U0184 Harley Code

To resolve the U0184 Harley Code, it is essential to identify its root cause. Here are a few of the most frequent sources of this code and their respective solutions:

  1. Check the connections: Riders should thoroughly analyze the linkage between the ECM and radio module – if they find that it is unclean or insecure, ensure to fully cleanse them and fasten them firmly.
  2. Check the battery voltage: To guarantee your bike’s electrical system is receiving the proper voltage, recharge or substitute the battery if its voltage appears to be low.
  3. Check the radio module for software glitches or firmware updates: To address any software or firmware issues on the radio module, simply reinstall the necessary software or update the firmware.
  4. Replace the radio module: If your radio module is malfunctioning, you may need to replace it with a brand new unit.

When programming or flashing the BCM, it is imperative to provide options such as radio yes/no and cruise control yes/no. This informs the BCM of all available features on the bike which are necessary for proper operation. If there is an option that was programmed expecting a signal from a module but does not receive it, this will activate the check engine light.


To summarize, U0184 Harley Code is a common issue experienced by those who ride Harley Davidson bikes; it signifies the lack of communication between the bike’s electronic control modules and radio module.

Knowing the source, warnings signs and fixes for a u0184 Harley code can help cyclists identify any potential issues with their bike before they take it to a professional mechanic. But don’t let the code alarm you; by understanding how to interpret this error message, riders can more confidently diagnose problems themselves and decide when expert assistance is required.

If you’re trying to identify the issue, one route is to assess the bike’s electrical connections, especially at the radio module and BCM. Poor or corroded links may result in communication issues that can precipitate a U0184 code.

It is paramount to check the battery voltage of your bike and make sure it is at optimal levels. A weakened or unsteady electric current can cause difficulties in communication and ultimately lead to the U0184 code appearing.

If the issue continues after verifying both the electrical connections and battery voltage, it is strongly recommended to take your bike to a knowledgeable mechanic or certified Harley Davidson dealer for further diagnosis. These experts have access to exclusive diagnostic tools that can accurately identify what triggered the U0184 code.

As previously mentioned, when the issue is due to a dysfunctional BCM, replacing it is essential for resolving the problem. However, this procedure can be intricate and labor-intensive; hence it’s wise to leave it in the hands of an expert mechanic or Harley Davidson dealer.

To conclude, the U0184 Harley Code can be a perplexing issue for riders. Nonetheless, by comprehending potential causes and solutions, riders are able to diagnose the trouble independently and decide if it is necessary to take their bike for professional help.

Inspecting the electrical wiring and battery voltage of a bike is essential in determining the issue, yet there may be instances when replacing the BCM is necessary for full repair. In any case, it’s critical to guarantee that your motorbike’s electric system operates correctly so as to avoid potential danger while you’re out on the open road.


Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the U0184 Harley Code:

What is the U0184 Harley code?

On Harley Davidson bikes, the U0184 code is a notification of communication disruption between the radio module and Body Control Module (BCM).

What are the potential causes of the U0184 Harley code?

Malfunctioning electrical connections, depleted battery power, a damaged Body Control Module (BCM), or an issue with the software in the radio module are all potential causes of U0184 code.

What are the symptoms of the U0184 Harley code?

If you experience a blank radio screen, flashing check engine light, or the complete inability to use your radio system – these could be signs of the U0184 code. Intermittent issues with your radio function can also indicate this issue.

How can I diagnose the U0184 Harley code?

To identify the source of U0184, it is suggested to examine the electrical connections around your radio module and BCM. Additionally, make sure that your battery voltage stays at an appropriate level. If these measures do not bring any changes, you may need professional help from a certified mechanic or Harley Davidson dealer.

How can I fix the U0184 Harley code?

If you’re experiencing the U0184 code, start by tightening any loose electrical connections and ensuring your battery voltage is at a suitable level. You can also attempt to reset the radio module; if this doesn’t work, it may be necessary to replace the BCM or take your bike to an expert mechanic for further inspection and repair.

Can I ride my bike with the U0184 Harley code?

To ensure your safety, it is imperative to diagnose and repair the U0184 code before you attempt to ride the bike again. If this issue is left unresolved, there could be serious electrical system failures that make riding dangerous. So don’t take any chances – fix U0184 now.

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