ultima 127 engine problems

Ultima 127 Engine Problems – Diagnosis, Solutions, and Maintenance Tips

If you’re excitedly powering your custom bike with an Ultima 127 engine, then you know it’s a beast of the road. Alas, like any other high-performance motor, issues can arise at times. In this article we’ll be examining common Ultima 127 engine problems and providing innovative solutions from fellow riders who have encountered them before as well as useful maintenance tips to keep that powerful engine humming along smoothly.

Ultima 127 Engine Problems

Before we dive into the list, let me first say that this is a comprehensive list of things that you may encounter with this engine, but it’s likely you may not encounter most of these Ultima 127 engine problems, or any at all. This is just to make sure that either a potential buyer or current owner knows what they’re up for with potential Ultima 127 engine problems. Let’s get into it:

Identifying and Fixing Pushrod Issues

If your engine is producing a rubbing sound and seems to be misfiring, it may be the result of an inadequate roller on a lifter. To diagnose this issue thoroughly, make sure you check for open holes at both ends of the pushrods as well as witness marks on their sides. Furthermore, if the lifter has indeed failed then you’ll observe its displacement from its place. It’s also essential that you evaluate the cam lobes for signs of wear too.

Solution: Midwest Motors can provide any replacement parts, including upgraded pushrods. If your engine is still under warranty, they’ll ensure you get the best service without hesitation.

Dealing with Lifter Noise

After replacing the cam, lifters, pushrods and oil pump of your engine, you may find it is noisier than before. This could be due to an incorrect setting on the lifters – so consider consulting a mechanic for their advice on whether these adjustments should have any different specifications.

Overheating and Shutting Down

If your Ultima 127 is suddenly shutting down and only rebooting after it’s cooled off, there are a couple potential causes for this:

  • Ignition cover: To test the engine, remove its cover and observe whether it helps. If so, adjust tune it accordingly while allowing some spacing between the cover and other components.
  • Fuel delivery issue: Ensure that the float is not stuck, needle seat isn’t plugged, and valve isn’t hanging for optimal performance.
  • Vapor lock: If your motorcycle is equipped with an emissions control canister, it might experience a problem known as vapor lock.
  • Wiring: To ensure safe operation of the motor, make sure to route wires away from any areas that generate heat.
  • Fuel line routing: Make sure the fuel line is routed away from the motor and guarded against heat.

Charging Issues

If your motorcycle’s charging system gives off an alarmingly high voltage, it could lead to the engine shutting down. Use a multimeter and make sure that nothing is higher than 15V; this can be indicative of a possible problem with the regulator. Resolve any troubles by replacing or fixing the regulator, so you get back on track as soon as possible.

Maintenance Tips for Ultima 127 Engines

To give yourself the best chance to avoid Ultima 127 engine problems, here’s some tips on maintenance that you should follow:

  • Change the oil every 5,000 miles or 2,500 miles for added safety
  • Replace the oil filter when you change the oil
  • Use NGK iridium plugs, which last longer than conventional plugs

Final Verdict On Ultima 127 Engine Problems

The Ultima 127 engine is a powerhouse that you can count on, but regular inspections and maintenance are critical to ensuring it runs optimally. With proactive troubleshooting, obtaining the right parts, and adhering to recommended guidelines, your engine will be ready for adventure at any time.


Below are some frequently asked questions on Ultima 127 engine problems:

I’m experiencing some misfires and a rubbing sound while riding my bike with an Ultima 127 engine. What could be the issue?

If one of the Ultima 127 engine problems you’re encountering is misfiring and you hear a scraping noise, it may be caused by a faulty roller on one of the lifters. It’s imperative to inspect this area before operating the engine any further as it can lead to accelerated deterioration of your camshaft. Make sure all rollers are in proper working condition so that they don’t seize up while running.

My Ultima 127 engine is out of warranty, and I’m facing some issues. Can I expect any help from Ultima?

If your engine is no longer under warranty, Ultima may still be able to help. They have been known to cover parts for engines that are running low on mileage and experiencing issues. It’s always beneficial to reach out the their customer service team about your situation – you never know what kind of assistance they can provide.

Are there any known oil pump issues with the Ultima 127 engine?

To guarantee efficiency, it is imperative to inspect and correct any oil pumps that were shipped with the Ultima 127 engine that might be clones of a Jims design – flaws included. Neglecting such an examination may lead to serious problems for your motor in the near future.

How often should I change the oil and oil filter on my Ultima 127 engine?

For optimum engine performance, it’s important to keep up with regular oil changes. According to the manual, you should change your oil every 5,000 miles; if enhanced protection is desired though, then consider changing it at 2,500 mile intervals instead. Don’t forget to include an oil filter replacement each time as well.

Which spark plugs should I use for my Ultima 127 engine?

For outstanding performance and durability, NGK iridium plugs are the optimal choice; they can last up to a year or more.

My Ultima 127 engine is shutting down when it gets hot. What could be the problem?

Overheating could be caused by fuel delivery, ignition system or electrical wiring. To ensure optimal cooling and airflow, examine the ignition module, routing of the fuel line and position of coil/ignition. Additionally, take a look at petcock screen for any debris that might block out fuel flow.

What type of oil should I use for my Ultima 127 engine?

Ultima highly suggests applying synthetic oil to the 127 engine for ideal performance and protection. This type of oil has a remarkable capacity in managing heat, resulting in outstanding functionality.

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