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Ultimate Seat Reviews – A Comprehensive Analysis

As a motorbike enthusiast, I have been on the pursuit for an ideal seat that offers comfort, style and durability. After reading several Ultimate Seat reviews, I decided to give them a shot – here is my experience with two of their most popular models: Midrider and Tall Boy seats. In addition to sharing my takeaways from this purchase, I’ll also discuss how well they line up with other riders’ opinions as well what it was like dealing with the company’s customer service team.

My Experience with the Ultimate Seat Company

The Midrider Seat

When I began my journey with the Ultimate Seat Company, I initially purchased the Midrider seat. Unfortunately, being 6’2″ and 215 lbs., this model pushed me too far forward when riding. After contacting their customer service team to express my concerns, they helped me make an informed decision – instead of returning it for a refund; I replaced it with a Tall Boy seat that fits better.

The Tall Boy Seat

After the Tall Boy seat was installed, it felt tailor-made. My wife and I decided to take a 400-mile journey up to San Francisco and back as an experiment – we were not disappointed. The craftsmanship of this product is extraordinary; its comfort unparalleled, while you can enjoy great seating posture with adjustable lumbar support. All in all, I’m delighted by my purchase of the Tall Boy Seat.

The only downfall was that my wife wasn’t a fan of the seat; it happened to be narrower and shorter than our original UC seat. Nevertheless, Ultimate Seat’s customer service team were understanding and gracious enough to offer us a full refund.

Customer Service

My involvement with the Ultimate Seat Company was a seamless experience, thanks to their excellent customer service. Their staff were always accommodating and friendly, ensuring that returning my seats was an effortless process.

Other Riders Ultimate Seat reviews

Midrider and Tall Boy Seat Impressions

While some riders have reported that the Midrider and Tall Boy seats are too far forward in spite of their comfort, many individuals have commended the company’s customer service team for being so willing to collaborate with them to find a satisfying answer.

Comparisons to Other Seats

Opinions are divided when you compare Ultimate seats to competitors like Corbin and Mustang. Some riders swear by the comfort of Ultimate’s products, while others find that other brands offer a better fit for their individual requirements.

Trial Period and Returns

Ultimate seats offer an unparalleled 14-day trial period that permits riders to experiment with the seat without making a long-term commitment. And, if you decide that it isn’t suitable for your needs, they provide a full refund—without any restocking fees. This is something other manufacturers simply can’t match and sets Ultimate seats apart from the competition.

Ultimate Seat Reviews – What We Think

With our Ultimate Seat reviews, the search for a perfect motorcycle seat ends here. Their vast selection of products provide riders and passengers with both comfort and quality. Plus, if you still don’t feel satisfied after your purchase, they offer generous trial periods along with an accommodating return policy to ensure complete satisfaction. When it comes to finding the right seat for your motorbike – there is no need to look further than Ultimate Seat Company.


Below are some frequently asked questions on Ultimate Seat reviews:

What is the Ultimate Seat Company?

At The Ultimate Seat Company, we boast an extensive selection of designs and styles that you won’t find anywhere else. Our motorcycle seats are crafted to exceed customers’ individual requirements while upholding our standing as leaders in the industry.

How do I choose the right Ultimate seat for my height and weight?

When selecting the ideal seat from The Ultimate Seat Company, consider your size and preferred style of riding. Our collection contains a variety of seats designed to provide an exact fit for all riders. If you need assistance in determining which option is right for you – no worries. Simply reach out to our team and we will assist with advice and recommendations tailored specifically to your needs.

Can I return an Ultimate seat if it doesn’t fit me well?

At Ultimate Seat Company, you get a 14-day period to try out the seat and decide if it fits your needs. If not, no problem. They offer a full money back guarantee; however, there might be some shipping charges that will need to be paid by you. So why wait? Take advantage of this amazing trial window now and reap its benefits today.

How does the Ultimate Seat Company’s customer service compare to other motorcycle seat manufacturers?

Riders are astounded at Ultimate Seat Company’s superior customer service, with its accommodating and timely assistance. Moreover, their trial period and straightforward return policy definitively separate them from other seat providers in the industry.

What should I consider when comparing the Ultimate seat to other brands like Corbin and Mustang?

As you search for the ideal motorcycle seat, prioritize comfort, durability and style. Make sure that it fits your body type before committing to a purchase. To ensure customer satisfaction, review the company’s return policy and trial period in detail – this will allow you to easily exchange or return if necessary.

Are Ultimate seats compatible with grab rails for passengers?

Definitely. To give passengers additional stability and security, grab rails can be purposely designed into Ultimate seats.

Will the Ultimate seat work for all passengers?

Ultimate seats can deliver a luxurious and stress-free experience, but this is not always the case. Before making any seat selection for travel, passengers should consider their own comfort needs and preferences first. Fortunately, Ultimate customers are still able to return their purchases according to the company’s policy agreement if they find themselves uncomfortable in their chosen seat.

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