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Uncovering What A Harley FXDP Actually Is

Back during it’s release Harley-Davidson was proud to bring to the world the FXDP motorcycle, otherwise known as the Dyna Street Bob, a ride made for adventure and exploration. This model in their renowned Dyna collection has earned its reputation for being able to easily be modified and providing a credible performance on any terrain.

With the FXDP, you’ll have endless opportunities to customize your ride and maximize your motorcycling enjoyment! But the FXDP is commonly recognized as the Dyna Police Defender, used by police across the country, a bike that is based on the Super Glide Harley. Let’s get into some juicy details about the FXDP.

The FXDP Design

The FXDP is the perfect motorcycle for individuals who desire a luxurious yet comfortable ride. Its low-slung seat, extended wheelbase, and relaxed riding position make it comfortable to travel even on lengthy trips. With its air-cooled twin cam 103 engine boasting plenty of power as well as torque at your disposal, this bike can take you wherever you please effortlessly! Additionally, its six-speed transmission ensures that nothing comes between riders and their dream rides; making the Harley Davidson FXDP an absolute must have for any rider!

Harley FXDP
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The FXDP is the ideal ride for those who want to show off their unique personality. Replace its detachable windshield, and you’ll instantly give your motorcycle a “bobber” look that’s both fashionable and simple. Plus, adjustable forward-mounted foot controls let you adjust the riding position based on your taste! And with plenty of aftermarket parts available today, customizers can create an even more personalized motorcycle that reflects their style to perfection!

The FXDP is stuffed with cutting-edge technology, including a customized suspension system for maximum power, anti-lock brakes to further guard your safety and balance on the road, plus a digital speedometer that records all of your travels. Even more impressive is its keyless ignition which lets you fire up this beast with just one button push!

The Harley-Davidson FXDP is more than just a visual marvel – it’s designed to perform. This motorcycle packs all the power you would expect from a quality bike, with its blacked-out engine and matte black paint job. The retro wheels give this machine an edgy look that will turn heads everywhere you go, while also providing superior performance on roads or trails alike! With impeccable style and unbeatable performance, the Harley-Davidson FXDP truly stands out as one of the best machines out there today.

The FXDP As a Police Bike

With its powerful engine, unparalleled suspension system, and heavy-duty frame built for the long haul, it’s no wonder that Harley-Davidson FXDPs have become a standby of police forces across America and beyond. This bike is designed to meet all of the rigorous requirements required by law enforcement agencies while also providing an exciting ride. Whether you’re looking to protect or serve – there’s no better choice than the iconic Harley-Davidson FXDP!

The FXDP is a highly sought-after police bike for one main reason: its remarkable versatility. With plenty of accessories and add-ons available, it can be tailored to the unique requirements of various law enforcement agencies. For instance, an officer may fit their FXDP with a siren, lights and radio system so they’re able to communicate with colleagues while patrolling on the road.

With the impressive power of its engine, the FXDP is a great option for police work. Its capability to effortlessly maneuver through congested city streets and achieve swift speeds when needed make it highly suitable for pursuance and traffic regulation tasks.

In addition to its superior speed and power, the FXDP also offers an advantage in terms of durability. Made for daily use, this police bike was built with a high-performance suspension system that can easily take on any additional weight from all the necessary equipment officers may require.

It is worth noting that not all police departments employ the Harley-Davidson FXDP, as each department has its own standards and criteria when selecting the optimal motorcycle for their force. In many cases, they prefer lighter bikes which are more maneuverable in tight spaces and ideal for city patrols.

Super Glide Success

Introducing the Harley-Davidson FXDP Dyna Police Defender! This unique adaptation of the Super Glide was freshly manufactured from 1999 to 2005 with one specific purpose in mind: law enforcement duty. With police power and design in its DNA, this has become a sought after model for collectors or anyone who appreciates an extraordinary ride.

The Police Defender model is specially designed for the job of law enforcement, boasting an engine with incredible power and a superior suspension system along with a structure that can withstand anything. On top of all this, it comes outfitted with several exclusive accessories including but not limited to: sirens, lights and even a radio communication system to help officers stay in touch while on duty. If you’re looking for reliable transportation specifically crafted for police work look no further than the robust Police Defender model!

The Police Defender, unlike other FXDP models, has an advantageous design for navigating through confined areas or bustling cities. Its Super Glide frame is more maneuverable than the Low Rider and Wide Glide models, allowing riders to easily weave through tight spaces with minimal effort.

It is essential to recognize that the Harley-Davidson FXDP Dyna Police Defender was only produced for a few years and has since been discontinued. But its parts are interchangeable with other 1999 to 2005 models of the Dyna series, making it possible to customize this motorcycle with aftermarket items.


The Harley-Davidson FXDP is the ultimate combination of comfort, power and style. It features a strong engine, an advanced suspension system and modern technology that allows you to customize it according to your preferences. Moreover, with a plethora of aftermarket components available for purchase, you can create a one-of-a kind ride that fits your needs perfectly – whether it’s going on long rides or just cruising around town.

If you want a motorcycle that has both the performance and style to match your needs, then don’t search any further than Harley-Davidson’s FXDP! It will deliver everything you require in terms of quality, power, and beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Harley-Davidson FXDP:

What kind of engine powers the FXDP?

For a truly thrilling ride, the FXDP is powered by an air-cooled twin cam 103 engine that guarantees impressive performance.

Is the FXDP protected by a warranty?

Absolutely! The FXDP from Harley-Davidson is backed by a factory warranty; the length of coverage varies depending on your motorcycle’s year and model.

Is the FXDP an ideal bike for long-distance rides?

The FXDP is a dream come true for long distance riders, boasting an ergonomic frame that includes a low-slung seat, extended wheelbase and comfortable riding position. It’s the perfect motorcycle to take on those epic journeys!

Is it possible to customize the FXDP?

The FXDP offers an abundance of personalization options. It is equipped with a detachable windshield and forward-mounted foot controls, in addition to its wide variety of aftermarket parts that enable riders to customize their motorcycle even further.

Is the FXDP an ideal choice for novice motorcyclists?

Depending on the rider’s comfort and proficiencies, the FXDP may not be suitable for those just starting out. A beginner should always select a smaller bike with less torque before progressing to a more powerful one such as this model. That way, you can become familiarized with motorcycle riding in general until you’re comfortable enough to move up!

What is the cost range of the Harley FXDP?

The cost of an FXDP can differ considering its year, model and features. Generally speaking, you should anticipate spending anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000 for this motorbike.

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