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Was Harley Davidson Jewish?

Harley Davidson is a celebrated motorcycle company with an impressive following of passionate riders around the globe. Yet, not many people recognize that Harley Davidson has deep Jewish roots.

Ever wondered about the question, was Harley Davidson Jewish? In this article, we will take a dive into the history of this iconic brand and uncover its strong ties to Judaism. We’ll further explore how it gave rise to its own biker culture along with clubs dedicated to embracing these distinct principles.

The Origins of Harley Davidson

In 1901, William Harley and Arthur Davidson came together with the help of their friend Henry Melk to create what would become one of the greatest motorcycle manufacturers in history – Harley-Davidson. With Walter and William joining soon after, this Milwaukee machine shop gave birth to an iconic brand that still stands tall today.

Jewish Biker Culture

Harley Davidson has developed a strong fanbase amongst Jewish motorcyclists, forming unique clubs and groups to honor their admiration for the brand. These riders are unlike any other and resemble SA Jewish professional individuals.

Motorcyclists of the Jewish faith have their own unique bike mezuzim, such as the illustrious “Star of Davidson Motorcycle Club”. This club embodies pride and spirit with both a T-shirt motto that reads, “My hog is kosher,” and a slogan fit for superstars: “We’re loud, we’re proud, we’re Hebrew.”

Jewish Harley Clubs

With Jewish Harley clubs located all around the globe, they have become a vital part of Jewish biker culture. The Chai Riders is an example of one such club and was created by Lauren Secular in the 90s -a Manhattan based accountant- with about 50 members from New York.

The “Hillel’s Angels” and the group of Jewish attorneys in New York, who refer to themselves as “The Goniffs,” are well-known for their cohesion. Likewise, The Yowies—a term abbreviated from Yiddim on Wheels—is renowned across Canada.

Harley Davidson and the Jewish Community

Harley Davidson has had a meaningful relationship with the Jewish community for quite some time. According to JR’s chief photographer, Ilan Ossendryver, Harley was still managed by Jews in the 1990s, and during a convention, even their CEO called for minyan after delivering his opening speech. This indicates that the company is committed to preserving its Jewish core values within its leadership structure.

So, Was Harley Davidson Jewish

To sum up, it’s fascinating to observe how Harley Davidson’s Jewish roots have impacted the Jewish biker culture. This brand has been embraced and become an integral part of the Jews community. Additionally, with Harley Davidson clubs thriving today all around the world, there is no denying its effect on this specific demographic.

Despite the obstacles they encounter, they still manage to maintain their culture alive and dynamic. Owning a Harley Davidson is essential for Jewish bikers–it’s amazing how it has become an emblem of Jewish identity for so many.


Here are some FAQs related to the article on was Harley Davidson Jewish:

Was Harley Davidson founded by Jewish individuals?

Yes, childhood friends William Harley and Arthur Davidson joined forces to establish Harley Davidson in Milwaukee, where they worked together on their innovative machines. Eventually, their shared acquaintance Henry Melk—who is of the Jewish faith—joined them. Arthur was joined by his brothers Walter and William on the team.

Are there Jewish biker clubs centered around Harley Davidson motorcycles?

Yes, are you a Jewish Harley enthusiast? If so, then you’ll be delighted to know that there are many international clubs dedicated entirely to your passion. From “Star of Davidson Motorcycle Club” and “The Chai Riders,” all the way to “Hillel’s Angels” and the amusingly-named “Goniffs” club – there is something for everyone who loves getting on their motorbike.

Does Harley Davidson have a connection to the Jewish community?

Yes, as noted by Ilan Ossendryver, the head photographer of JR’s organization, Harley Davidson was largely led by Jews in the 90s. At a convention during this period, the CEO created an opportunity for individuals to make up a Minyan after his opening speech.

Are there any particular symbols or phrases associated with Jewish Harley Davidson riders?

Yes, certain Jewish Harley clubs have their own personalized motorbikes mezuzim and proudly named clubs, along with T-shirts slogans like “My hog is kosher” and “We’re loud, we’re proud, we’re Hebrew.” These are all perfect for those looking to express their heritage in an exciting way.

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