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What Are Metric Bikes?

The terms “metric bikes” and “Harleys” refer to two different categories of motorcycles.

Featuring a slick, sporty look and outstanding maneuverability, metric bikes from top manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha or Kawasaki are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding riders. Built with precision according to metric measurements, these superbikes offer superior performance in comparison to other motorcycles produced outside of America.

Contrastingly, Harley-Davidson bikes stand apart from the rest. Representing a classic American brand originating in the U.S., these motorbikes boast an iconic design, booming sound system and heavyweight cruisers built for leisurely rides. If you desire to make your ride unique, Harleys provide plenty of room for customization – allowing every rider to create their own individualized experience!

American vs Metric Bikes

When it comes to Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Japanese bikes (metric bikes), there are some substantial contrasts that must be pointed out. For example:

Engine design

Harleys are distinct in their air-cooled V-twin engine design, while Japanese motorcycles opt for a liquid-cooled inline or parallel build.

Style and design

A Harley boasts a timeless, classic aesthetic with its low-slung seat, broad handlebars and laidback riding position. In contrast, Japanese motorcycles have more of an aggressive look that is geared for performance; you’ll find them to be much higher off the ground with a slightly more upright ride.


Harley Davidson motorcycles are well known for their loud, throaty roar, whereas Japanese bikes have a more subdued exhaust sound.


Harleys are frequently personalized by their owners with a great variety of aftermarket components and accessories. In comparison, while Japanese motorcycles also offer customizing potential, they typically have fewer options available for personalization.


Harleys are typically known to be pricier than Japanese motorcycles, mostly because of their esteemed background as a patriotic American symbol.

Ride quality

Harleys are crafted with a smooth and steady ride in mind, making them ideal for relaxed cruising. On the other hand, Japanese bikes have been designed to be more responsive and provide an enhanced performance-based experience.

Verdict On Metric Bikes

In the end, selecting between a Harley and Japanese motorcycle is simply about one’s inclination and what sort of ride they’d like. Both models have their own individual benefits that create exceptional riding experiences – it all depends on you to decide which bike fits your needs best.


Frequently Asked Questions about Harleys and Metric bikes:

What is a Harley?

When you hear the thunder of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, it’s unmistakably iconic. This classic American brand is famous for its signature sound and heavy cruisers that are designed to make an impression. Whether you’re looking for a cruiser or touring bike, there’s something special about riding one of these powerful machines!

What are metric bikes?

For those who like to ride an international brand, metric bikes are the ideal choice. Stylistically crafted by some of the top foreign motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha or Kawasaki and manufactured with metric measurements, these bikes will have you ready for any open-road adventure.

What are some common differences between Harleys and Japanese bikes?

When it comes to Harley-Davidson and Japanese bikes, there are a few key variations that one should consider: engine design, appearance and styling, noise level, customization capabilities , cost-effectiveness as well as riding comfort.

Which is better for cruising, a Harley or a Japanese bike?

Harleys offer a smooth, laid-back ride whereas Japanese bikes provide performance and responsiveness. It all comes down to individual preference – what suits you best?

Which is more expensive, a Harley or a Japanese bike?

Costlier than most Japanese bikes, Harleys are recognized for their exceptional heritage and cultural status as an American symbol.

Are Harleys easy to customize?

Absolutely, Harley Davidson owners often personalize their rides with a vast selection of aftermarket parts and accessories.

Can Japanese bikes be customized?

Japanese bikes are also customizable, though you may have fewer customisation options compared to Harley Davidsons.

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