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What Is a Jigster Motorcycle? – Let Me Clear It Up For You

Hey everyone! MotoSquids here with the scoop on an intriguing topic: Jigster motorcycles. You may have come across some rumors about this bike in recent times, and I’m going to break it down for you today.

Before diving into the details, let’s tackle why this motorcycle is called Jigster. This moniker may appear unfamiliar at first glance, however in reality it simply refers to a widely loved and recognized vehicle from Suzuki: the GSX-R. More affectionately known as the Gixxer for short!

In the world of sportbikes, the Gixxer is a legend. Its agile power and smooth handling have gained it admiration for decades, cementing its reputation as a reliable yet thrilling ride. Such quality was recognized by such an extent that most people now just refer to this Suzuki GSX-R as ‘the Gixxer’.

Source of the Jigster Motorcycle Name

What is the source of the name “Jigster?” While it appears to be a contemporary invention, its roots are obscure. Some suggest that Jigster stems from another title, while others claim it’s specific to certain riders. It should be noted however that Jigster has not been legitimized by Suzuki or accepted in the sportbike community as an official term.

Don’t be baffled when you hear someone referring to the Suzuki GSX-R as a Jigster motorcycle; this is simply another name for what’s widely known as the Gixxer. If you’re seeking out an adrenaline-pumping sportbike, then without doubt add the Gixxer to your wishlist.

Final Thoughts on the Jigster Motorcycle

To sum up, never refer to the Suzuki GSX-R as a Jigster motorcycle. Stick with its original name and get ready for some ultimate riding experiences! And remember, ride safe and enjoy your journey!

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