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What Is the Best Harley Davidson Battery?

Are you hunting for the optimal Harley Davidson battery to power your Harley? Regardless of if you have a vintage classic or modern-day model, having an appropriate battery is essential so that your bike can run at its peak potential. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes a great Harley Davidson battery, which type and brand to consider investing in, and how to take care of it.

Let’s review the essentials of finding a battery for your motorcycle, such as distinguishing between charged and discharged batteries and how to select the right one. Rest assured that with regular care, you’ll be able to find an optimal battery for your motorbike effortlessly. Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Basics of a Harley Davidson Battery

It is important to choose the right battery for your Harley Davidson, especially if you want it to last. Being informed about basic fundamentals of a Harley Davidson battery can help make sure that you are getting the best one possible.

There are two prevalent types of Harley Davidson batteries: AGM and wet-cell. AGM, or absorbed glass mat, is the most efficient kind because it’s fully sealed and requires no maintenance; whereas wet-cell necessitates periodic inspection with distilled water replenishment as well as an upright position to avoid shorting out.

Not only should you focus on the type of battery, but there are other essential aspects to consider too. Battery capacity is determined using Amp hours (Ah), which shows how much energy your battery can store and discharge between a specific timeframe – this feature is important because it allows your bike’s engine to operate without disruption for longer intervals.

Therefore, when selecting a new battery choose one with enough power capability so that it will last as long as possible.

When choosing a battery for your Harley Davidson, take into consideration the voltage. Voltage is directly related to power output and can affect the longevity of your battery; higher voltages often lead to shorter lifespans than those with lower volts.

Additionally, think about what temperature range you typically ride in and be sure to get one that will perform optimally at these temperatures since most batteries work best at moderate temps.

Choosing the Right Brand and Type of Harley Davidson Battery?

Before selecting the optimal battery for your Harley Davidson, there are a few aspects to think about. To begin with, it is suggested to select from well-known and trustable brands such as Yuasa or Odyssey to guarantee a quality power source.

Furthermore, depending on your bike’s model you must decide which type of battery suits you best – AGM (absorbed glass mat) or wet-cell? This will insure that you get the right kind of energy boost out of your motorcycle.

AGM batteries are easily the most reliable type due to their sealed design, yet can come at a higher price point than wet-cell batteries. Wet cells, on the other hand, need continual maintenance and topping off with distilled water for them to work optimally – all while being kept upright as any orientation could result in shorting out.

Before making a purchase, it’s important to conduct thorough research in order to grasp the dissimilarities between the two types of batteries. Amp-hours (Ah), which signifies how much power your battery can store and discharge over time, is used as a measurement for capacity.

Taking voltage into consideration is paramount; higher voltages in batteries typically translate to a more powerful output, yet this does come with the trade-off of life expectancy. Generally speaking, the increased voltage will reduce battery lifespans compared to those at lower rates.

Temperature constraints should also be considered when making your selection as most Harley Davidson batteries perform optimally under moderate temperatures – so if you plan on riding through cold climates you should get one suited for such conditions.

Maintaining a Healthy Harley Davidson Battery

To ensure that your Harley Davidson battery works efficiently, it’s important to take the necessary steps in preserving it. Here are some helpful hints on how you can extend its life and optimize its performance:

• To safeguard your vehicle’s internal components from corrosion and acid build-up, regularly inspect the fluid level and refill with distilled water as necessary. Doing this will promote a longer life for your car while keeping it running well.

• To keep your wet-cell battery running smoothly and efficiently, regular inspections are essential. If you discover corrosion due to electrolyte leakage or condensation on the battery surface, a soft brush is all that’s needed for cleaning those areas quickly and effectively.

• Ensure that your battery is constantly charged – a better alternative to relying solely on the alternator from your motorcycle engine would be to attach an external charger/maintainer. This way, you can guarantee a more consistent charge for a longer-lasting performance.

• Pay attention to the temperature – batteries are designed for optimal performance in moderate temperatures. If you live in a hot or cold climate, make sure that the type of battery you purchase is suited for those conditions.

• Keep your battery in an arid and temperate area when you’re not utilizing it, which will protect it from both intense heat and wetness that can cause damage over the long haul.

• Invest in high-quality products when charging or maintaining your battery. Generic brands may be cheaper, however, they can have a detrimental effect on specific batteries and ultimately could cost you more than it saves to repair the damage caused by using them.

Taking into consideration these important points when caring for your Harley Davidson’s battery will guarantee its peak performance in the long run.

Understanding the Different Types of Batteries for Your Harley Davidson

To maintain the optimum performance of your Harley Davidson, you must ensure that you purchase a dependable battery. The market is loaded with various types and each one comes with exclusive strengths – let’s investigate some of the most popular options available.

Lead Acid/Wet-Cell Batteries are the most prevalent type of battery used in Harley Davidsons. Their cells contain sulfuric acid which acts as an electrolyte, making them more affordable than other options and providing outstanding cold cranking amps (CCA) rates. However, because of their acidic nature, they may require frequent maintenance to keep them running at peak performance levels.

AGM Batteries are a reliable option, as they employ a fibreglass separator that absorbs electrolytes to make them spill-proof regardless of vibration or tilting. Plus, these batteries have fantastic CCA ratings and longer lifespans than wet-cell variations.

Lithium Ion Batteries are the preferred choice among many riders as they offer incomparable advantages such as their lightweight design, reliable performance, and quick charging capabilities.

These batteries may come at a slightly higher cost than other varieties; however, it is worth every penny due to their stable starting power combined with low internal resistance levels that leave your engine undamaged over time. Moreover, you can confidently deeply discharge these batteries without any adverse effects so long as you charge them back up before using them again.

As you explore the varied types of tires, put in the time to research and recognize what type would be most beneficial for your motorcycle model. By doing this you can make an educated decision that provides both improved performance and extended life.

Battery TypeBenefitsCost
Wet-Cell/Lead Acid BatteriesAffordable, good CCA ratings, frequent maintenance may be requiredLower – Moderate
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) BatteriesGood CCA ratings, long lifespan, spill proof even in high vibration or tilting scenariosModerate – Higher
Lithium Ion BatteriesLightweight, long lasting performance and fast charging capabilitiesHigher

When selecting a battery for your Harley Davidson, you have numerous choices among flooded, AGM and lithium motorcycle batteries. To ensure that you get the right one to suit your requirements and expectations, it is essential to consider several factors such as size of the battery, power output capacity and type of battery before making any purchase. Ultimately, pick a dependable product with all these characteristics in sync with what suits best for you.

Harley Davidson Battery Tender

A battery tender is a simple yet crucial part of any bikers range of things they need to maintain a bike. Let’s explore what it is and why you need it.

What Is a Harley Davidson Battery Tender?

For those who are familiar with the hassle of a dead battery, Battery Tender is here to provide you with relief. This device is specifically designed for motorcycles and works diligently to maintain your Harley Davidson’s charge when it isn’t in use – ideal during cold winter days or extended vacations away.

With this clever invention, you no longer have to worry about starting problems, decreased performance or permanent damage – all while ensuring that your motorcycle will remain at its optimal level of energy so you can conveniently get back on the road without any fuss.

Why Use a Harley Davidson Battery Tender?

If you’re the proud owner of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, then it’s essential to use an appropriate battery tender. These vehicles require specific voltages and amperage amounts that are not provided by generic brands – doing so will ensure your bike runs reliably at peak performance.

The Harley Davidson Battery Tender is the perfect device for your motorcycle, delivering just the right amount of power to keep your battery in peak condition. This user-friendly tool offers a range of features and benefits, such as:

  • 750mA charger output: Maintaining the perfect charge for your Harley Davidson batteries is essential to guaranteeing their longevity, and this charging level does just that. It offers precisely the right amount of power to keep them in optimal shape.
  • Automatic charge cycle: The Battery Tender intelligently toggles between charging mode and maintenance mode, guaranteeing that your battery is always optimally charged.
  • Spark-proof connections: The Battery Tender is equipped with a reverse polarity protection feature, providing a safe charge without the risk of sparks or short circuits.
  • Compact and portable design: The handy Battery Tender is the ideal size to include in your saddlebag or luggage, so you can keep it close on all of your adventures.
  • Easy-to-use interface: The Battery Tender’s LED display allows for effortless monitoring and upkeep of your battery, presenting the charging status as well as voltage level in a straightforward manner.

How to Use the Harley Davidson Battery Tender

Operating the Harley Davidson Battery Tender is effortless and requires minimal work. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Connect the battery tender: Connect the battery tender to your motorcycle’s battery terminals by matching up its two leads: red for positive and black for negative.
  2. Plug in the battery tender: Connect the tender to a grounded power source, like an outlet or an extension cord. Ensure that it has access to a reliable and secure electricity supply for optimal performance.
  3. Turn on the battery tender: When you view the LED display, it will indicate to you whether your battery is charging or in float mode. If fully charged, it’ll be clear as day – “Float” Mode appears onscreen and informs you that the tender is providing a maintenance charge to sustain its level of power.
  4. Monitor the battery tender: Keep an eye on the LED display to ensure your battery is charging and in working order. Should you notice any anomalies, such as a low voltage or no activity whatsoever, inspect the connections before further troubleshooting.

Our Verdict On The Harley Davidson Battery

Ultimately, selecting the ideal battery for your beloved Harley Davidson motorbike is critical to ensure peak performance and life. With that in mind, take into consideration the type of battery you will require as well as its capacity, voltage rating and temperature range before deciding on one.

In order to make sure your battery is always ready for the road, researching trusted brands such as Yuasa or Odyssey can be beneficial. Moreover, utilizing a Harley Davidson Battery Tender will keep your charge up even when you’re not actively riding. By following these steps and taking proper care of your battery, you’ll never have to worry about it failing on you.


Below are some frequently asked questions related to the Harley Davidson battery and the Harley Davidson battery tender:

What is the lifespan of a Harley Davidson battery?

The longevity of a Harley Davidson battery is contingent on many aspects, such as its model, usage frequency, upkeep habits and climate. Typically with proper care and maintenance, you can expect to get between 2-4 years out of them.

How do I know if my Harley Davidson battery is fully charged?

To determine the charge of your Harley Davidson Battery, you can utilize a built-in indicator or employ a multimeter. If using the latter option, remember that fully charged batteries should read 12.8 volts on the multimeter display.

Can I use a generic battery tender for my Harley Davidson?

Generic battery tenders may suit some motorcycles, but for optimal performance and to keep your battery in prime condition, it is best to use a Harley Davidson Battery Tender. This one-of-a-kind charger offers precise voltage and amperage settings that guarantee maximum power throughout its lifetime.

How often should I charge my Harley Davidson battery with a battery tender?

To keep your Harley Davidson battery in peak condition, it’s best to charge it with a battery tender whenever the bike is not being used for an extended period of time, like during winter or on vacation. This will help maintain its charge and ensure that you get maximum life out of the battery.

Can I use a car battery on my Harley Davidson?

Instead of using a car battery for your Harley Davidson, we strongly suggest you invest in the proper power source specifically made for your motorcycle model. Car batteries are formulated to fit certain needs and can’t give you optimum performance when used on a motorbike. Get yourself one that is built especially for Harley Davidsons; it’s worth every penny.

Should I use an AGM or wet-cell battery for my Harley Davidson?

Depending on your motorcycle usage and personal preference, you can choose between AGM or wet-cell battery. Unlike the more common wet-cell batteries that need periodic maintenance such as inspection and topping off with distilled water to prevent shorting out when kept upright, AGM batteries are totally sealed and require no additional attention.

How can I prolong the lifespan of my Harley Davidson battery?

If you want your Harley Davidson battery to last, make sure you follow essential maintenance steps regularly – such as inspecting the fluid level consistently, utilizing a quality charger or tender for charging and preservation purposes, avoiding extreme hot and cold temperatures when storing it, etc. With these practices in place, you can be certain that your favorite bike will stay with you longer.

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