what year did harley come out with the 103

What Year Did Harley Come Out With The 103? (Answered)

With a formidable presence for over one hundred years, Harley-Davidson has become the gold standard of motorcycle engineering. Since their launch of the 103 series in 2012, riders have fallen head-over-heels with this cruiser which is an exemplary evidence of Harley’s promise to produce powerful and dependable machines that live up to its storied legacy.

All About the Harley 103

The 103 is the perfect bike for riders of all levels. With its massive and reliable 103 cubic inch V-Twin engine, it produces an awe-inspiring output of 103 horsepower and 97 lb-ft torque. This robust power source blends with a 6 speed transmission that guarantees effortless yet responsive gear transitions like no other motorcycle could ever provide!

Whatever your riding style may be, the 103 provides something for everyone: the Road King, Street Glide or Electra Glide. Every model offers its own unique characteristics and features that will entice every type of rider!

Which Is Best?

If you want an old-fashioned tour, the Road King is your best pick. Wrapped in a comfortable seat and generous fuel tank plus fairing for superior wind protection – ideal for long rides! For those who are seeking something more urban chic, there’s always the Street Glide: sleek design with enough swag to cruise around town effortlessly.

The Electra Glide offers an exceptionally comfortable ride due to its low profile, wide handlebar, and well-designed seat. This full-dress touring motorcycle features a large fairing that shields you from chilly winds while hard saddlebags keep your belongings secure during long trips with friends or just carrying luggage! With the Electra Glide, every journey is truly enjoyable for hours on end!


The 103’s advanced suspension system, with both front and rear shock absorbers, provides an extremely smooth ride even on the bumpiest of roads. Furthermore, its outstanding dampening ability enables it to effortlessly glide through tight turns without compromising balance or control.

With its exquisite performance and maneuverability, the 103 motorcycle is a cut above the competition. Additionally, it offers an array of features including electronic cruise control, advanced stereo system and top-of-the line security system — this makes all the difference when comparing to other bikes on offer today!

All In All

For the best of both worlds, Harley-Davidson 103 is truly the engine to beat! Since its introduction in 2012, this powerhouse has become an indispensable part of every type of rider’s lifestyle. Whether you’re a novice or more seasoned professional – no one can deny that it provides an unforgettable experience for all! With special attention given to performance and style alike, there’s no question why Harley-Davidson 103 continues to be so revered.

In a nutshell, Harley-Davidson is renowned for its powerful motorbikes that have been produced since decades. In 2012 the 103 was released to preserve this legacy with its superior V-Twin engine and suspension system, offering various styles so all kinds of riders can find their match!

Harley 103 Specs In A Table

Engine103 cubic inch V-Twin
Power103 horsepower
Torque97 lb-ft
SuspensionAdvanced front and rear suspension
Available ModelsRoad King, Street Glide, Electra Glide
FeaturesElectronic cruise control, stereo system, security system
WeightDepends on the model
Seat HeightDepends on the model
Fuel CapacityDepends on the model

Note: These are general specifications, specific details may vary depending on the model and year.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the question what year did harley come out with the 103:

When was the Harley-Davidson 103 first introduced?

In 2012, Harley-Davidson revolutionized the two-wheeled world with their revolutionary 103 engine.

What type of engine does the 103 have?

Unleash your yearning for exploration with the 103’s powerful and captivating V-Twin engine, which offers a mammoth 103 cubic inches of power. Go wherever your heart desires!

How many horsepower does the 103 produce?

The 103 is designed for an ultimate thrilling driving experience, offering an impressive 103 horsepower that promises great performance.

What type of transmission does the 103 have?

For unparalleled performance, the 103 is engineered with a 6-speed transmission system that offers seamless shifting.

Are there different models of the 103 available?

The 103 model of Harley Davidson offers bikers a range of options, including the Road King, Street Glide and Electra Glide.

What type of suspension system does the 103 have?

The 103 offers an unprecedented ride with its advanced front and rear suspension system, providing superior performance each time.

Does the 103 have any additional features?

Ride in style with the 103, blending classic sophistication and modern amenities. Enjoy the comfort of electronic cruise control while you listen to your favorite tunes through a top-notch stereo system, all protected by an integrated security feature for added peace of mind.

What is the fuel capacity of the 103?

Depending on the model, a 103 can be outfitted with an array of fuel capacities.

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