what year did harley start using key fobs

What Year Did Harley Start Using Key Fobs?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have become one of the most iconic symbols of power and freedom, legendary for their impressive engines, stylish designs, and loyal riders. The innovative key fob only adds to this legacy; with the press of a button, Harley fans can fire up their bikes! But how long has Harley been using these keyless ignition systems? In our article today we will trace back the history of H-D’s key fobs from its debut to where it is now.

The Early Years

In 1903, Harley-Davidson was born and the motorcyclists began their journey to independence relying on a traditional key and ignition system. The classic method of inserting the key into an engine’s ignition and turning it to start worked for many years until they discovered something even better: introducing you the revolutionary key fob! This new innovation gave riders unprecedented ease when starting up their vehicles, no doubt revolutionizing how we ride today.

The Introduction of the Key Fob

It is hard to pinpoint when precisely Harley Davidson began utilizing key fobs, considering that the exact date varies by model and year of production. Nevertheless, evidence indicates that they were first presented on certain models in the beginning of 2000s as a way of making motorcycle ignition simpler for riders. The key fob – a convenient wireless remote – lets you fire up your bike with one press instead of having to stick an actual metal key into the ignition.

Adoption and Evolution

Initially, the key fob was only an optional feature for a few Harley-Davidson models. However, its popularity increased among riders so quickly that it became a standard across all their lineup!

Throughout the years, key fobs have become more advanced to include security features such as alarms and immobilizers that activate when the bike is started without it. To make these accessories even more convenient, some newer models are equipped with a proximity sensor which automatically unlocks your motorcycle once you’re near. Nowadays starting up your ride has never been easier!

So, What Year Did Harley Start Using Key Fobs?

The Harley-Davidson experience is not complete without the use of key fobs, providing riders with a quicker and more effortless way to start their bikes. Although it’s uncertain when exactly this technology was first introduced by Harley-Davidson, records show that they were available in the early 2000s and have since become a common feature on many models. As innovative advances are made within key fob science, we can anticipate even better convenience and security options for motorcycle users soon!


Below are some common questions regarding what year did Harley start using key fobs:

What year did Harley start using key fobs?

The precise timing of when Harley-Davidson began utilizing key fobs may not be known, yet they showed up on certain versions beginning in the early 2000s. This obviously relies upon which model and year you refer to.

How does the key fob work on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

The key fob dispenses with the need to insert a physical key into your bike’s ignition by allowing you to start it simply at the touch of a button. Some models even come equipped with an alarm and immobilizer, making sure that no one else can ride your motorcycle without possessing the appropriate key fob.

Are key fobs standard on all Harley-Davidson models?

Initially, key fobs were only available as an additional feature on specific Harley-Davidson models. But its popularity among riders quickly grew and it became a mandatory component of various motorcycles. Yet, this depends heavily on the model or year being produced.

Can I add a key fob to my older Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

What type and year is your motorcycle? Some classic models may not be able to integrate with a key fob, yet can potentially be modified for compatibility. To get the best-tailored advice, speak with an experienced Harley Davidson technician or mechanic who will provide you more in-depth information regarding what’s possible.

Are there any additional features available on key fobs for Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

Harley-Davidson’s latest key fobs now offer a revolutionary convenience feature: a proximity sensor that unlocks the motorcycle when close to it. This sophisticated addition is available on select models from 2021 onward, making starting your bike even easier.

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