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Who Owns Harley Davidson – Understanding the Company’s Ownership Structure

Ride the open road and discover freedom like never before with a Harley Davidson motorcycle. For many, owning one of these iconic machines is an ambition they have long desired to fulfill. Yet while we admire their roaring engines, few are aware of who owns Harley Davidson, until now.

This article has been crafted to answer that burning question: “who owns Harley Davidson?” We will explore the company’s ownership structure in greater detail so that you can appreciate further all its thrilling accomplishments.

Who Are The Biggest Shareholders In Harley Davidson?

Investing in Harley Davidson has proved to be a sound decision for many companies and individuals, with their shares currently valued at roughly $31 each. Even more impressive is the market cap of over $4 billion. However, five corporate giants control much of the company’s total share count.

Vanguard Group, Inc has a stake of 8.89%, H Partners Management LLC owns 8.55%, BlackRock Fund Advisors 7.83% and Boston Partners Global Investors 6.78%. Even Beutel, Goodman & Co Ltd holds 4.89%. Despite the impressive collective share of 36.94% from these five biggest Harley Davidson investors, there are still countless others who also own stocks in this remarkable company.

Harley Davidson Parent Companies

Harley Davidson Inc. is proudly owned by two parent companies: Harley Davidson Motor Co Group LLC and Harley Davidson Motor Company Group, Inc., with the latter as the primary owner. The former has numerous subsidiaries that specialize in a large assortment of services from medical equipment supply to drivetrain construction.

Harley Davidson Motor Company Group, Inc is a subsidiary of Harley Davidson Inc. It’s uncertain how influential these parent companies are in the everyday goings on within the company, but they clearly have an input in and influence over important decisions that affect Harley Davidson as a whole.

Who Owns Harley Davidson Dealerships?

You don’t need to be a Harley Davidson shareholder or parent company in order to become an owner of one of the renowned motorcycle manufacturer’s dealerships. All it takes is meeting their rigorous standards and being approved, so if you have what it takes, you can join Harley Davidson too.

As this article is written, the Veracka family proudly owns 13 Harley Davidson dealerships. Their most recent acquisition was particularly impressive as it was one of the largest dealerships in America and even made them number one in Arizona.

Does Harley Davidson Have Any Subsidiaries?

Harley Davidson Inc offers an extensive international presence, with subsidiaries that cover nearly every corner of the globe. Harley Davidsons outside of America are managed by entities such as Harley Davidson EMEA, Brazil, India and Asia – spearheading their corporate efforts abroad.

If you have dreams of opening a Harley Davidson dealership in an eligible region, simply connect with the associated organization and they will take care of all that comes along with owning a major business—from brand image to marketing.

Does BMW Own Harley Davidson?

Although BMW and Harley Davidson are engaged in a heated rivalry, it should be noted that BMW does not own the latter company nor have they formed any kind of partnership with them. Both companies manufacture an array of models including superbikes, tourers, and cruisers.

Despite the fact that BMW and Harley Davidson are rivals, they still respect one another, continuously propelling each other to be more creative and develop superior motorcycles. In reality, what appeared to be an unexpected collaboration between them on April 1st of 2015 was actually just a clever April Fool’s prank.

Does Kawasaki Own Harley Davidson?

In 2014, a rumor quickly circulated that Kawasaki was attempting to purchase Harley Davidson, meaning the iconic American company would become Japanese. Fortunately for us, this turned out not to be true – Kawasaki does not own any part of Harley Davidson and were never trying to acquire it.

The rumor was so far-fetched that it had the potential to become a convincing April Fools’ prank. Although, in retrospect it ended up being too obscure to take seriously.

Harley Davidson’s Legacy

For over a century, Harley Davidson has been providing motorcycle riders with the opportunity to experience freedom and adventure. Established in 1903 by Walter Davidson, Arthur Davidson,William Davidson, and William Harley; what began as a small business venture is now one of the most recognized brands across the globe for its distinctive motorcycles that are an indelible part of American culture.

Despite its struggles with dwindling sales, Harley Davidson is determined to make a comeback by introducing new models of motorcycles, broadening their global reach, and spearheading the electric motorcycle revolution. Their ambitious efforts will undoubtedly pay off soon enough.

Summary Of Who Owns Harley Davidson

To sum up, Harley Davidson is a company with numerous shareholders. Even though it has two parent companies, their involvement in the daily operations of the firm remains ambiguous. One can become an authorized dealer if they pass all of Harley Davidson’s criteria and are accepted by them; dealerships for this brand exist on a global scale as well.

Despite rumors that BMW and Kawasaki owned Harley Davidson, these were merely unfounded hoaxes. The company has a long history of excellence, and is taking proactive steps to remain the foremost leader in motorcycling by opening multiple subsidiaries around the world. With its legacy firmly intact, Harley Davidson remains an industry benchmark for quality bikes everywhere.

As a passionate lover of motorcycles and Harley Davidson, I’m sure you must have been curious to know who owns Harley Davidson. Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions.

In order to invest in, join as a dealer for, or even just appreciate one of Harley Davidson’s iconic motorcycles, it is essential that you comprehend the company’s ownership structure. Even though understanding this framework may be difficult at times, what really matters is their commitment to excellence and originality which stands unaltered – no matter how complex the model.


Below are some FAQs about who owns Harley Davidson:

Is Harley Davidson a privately-owned company?

Absolutely, Harley Davidson is a publicly listed company. To be precise, it has many shareholders and its stock can be found on prominent stock exchanges such as the NYSE.

Who are the biggest shareholders in Harley Davidson?

Currently, the most influential five stakeholders in Harley Davidson are The Vanguard Group, H Partners Management LLC, BlackRock Fund Advisors, Boston Partners Global Investors, and Beutel Goodman & Co. Ltd.

Does Harley Davidson have any parent companies?

Harley Davidson proudly boasts two parent companies – the Harley Davidson Motor Co Group LLC and the Harley Davidson Motor Company Group, Inc.

Who owns Harley Davidson dealerships by majority?

At the time of writing, the Veracka family owns a remarkable 13 Harley Davidson dealerships across the country.

Does Harley Davidson have any subsidiaries?

Harley Davidson’s international reach is vast, with subsidiaries overseeing operations in Europe (Harley Davidson EMEA), Brazil (Harley Davidson Brazil), India (Harley Davidson India) and Asia Pacific area(Harley Davidson Asia). This demonstrates Harley Davidson’s commitment to global expansion, offering customers around the world access to their signature motorcycle products.

Does BMW own Harley Davidson?

Despite the 2015 April Fools’ joke that BMW acquired Harley Davidson, it is important to note that this was, in fact, an untrue rumor.

Does Kawasaki own Harley Davidson?

Despite a rumor that started in 2014, Harley Davidson is not owned by Kawasaki. This false narrative has been debunked and proven to be untrue.

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