why harley davidson is so expensive

Why Harley Davidson is So Expensive

Motorcycle aficionados, like myself, have long been captivated by the Harley Davidson brand. However, many people are confounded as to why these bikes cost more than other brands on the market. In this article I will delve into what exactly why Harley Davidson is so expensive and examine all of the contributing factors that lead to its higher price tag.

Brand Value and Reputation

With its well-deserved status as a premier motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson has held an esteemed place in the hearts of bikers for more than 100 years. Its iconic logo and indestructible structures make it instantly recognizable worldwide – not just within America’s motorcycling culture. As such, it isn’t surprising that this brand commands undeniable respect from riders; one worth paying for with its expensive price tag. When you own a Harley Davidson bike, your investment is far beyond monetary value because there is no other experience like it.

Production Methods

Another element that’s responsible for the hefty price tag on Harley Davidson bikes is their production technique. Their motorcycles are created with a blend of hand-built and computerized elements. The making process proves to be extremely detailed and time consuming, often taking up to 21 hours for each motorbike assembly. Consequently, it makes Harleys far more expensive than other bike brands due to its laborious build approach.

Customization Options

Harley Davidson presents its customers with an abundance of customization choices, contributing to their pricey bikes. From a wide selection of parts and accessories, riders can build the bike they want while Harley’s experts craft each piece by hand. While this customizing process is not mandatory or available on all models, it may add thousands to your total cost – but ultimately grants you exactly what you desire in a motorcycle.

Quality Materials

When it comes to Harley Davidson motorcycles, you get what you pay for. The brand is known for using only the best materials available to guarantee that each and every bike is long-lasting, dependable, and sturdy. As an example of this commitment to quality, their frames are crafted from top-grade steel — a far sturdier option than aluminum which other motorcycle companies often use. With these high standards in place, it’s no wonder why Harley Davidson is so expensive.

Harley Davidson bikes are constructed with nothing but the finest materials, utilizing cast iron specifically for their engines. Not only is this material more durable than aluminum counterparts, it also illustrates Harley’s unwavering commitment to excellence and craftsmanship; however, these qualities come at a higher cost.

Research and Development

Harley Davidson puts a large emphasis on research and development, utilizing their resources to guarantee that every bike they produce is of the highest quality. They are dedicated to trying out new technologies, materials, and designs in order to make sure each motorcycle is powerful, efficient and comfortable for its rider. This process comes with a hefty price tag which can be seen through the cost of Harley’s bikes; however it should also serve as reassurance that you are buying a reliable product worth investing in.

Marketing and Advertising

Ultimately, Harley Davidson’s success is largely attributed to its powerful marketing and advertising campaigns. The brand strategically utilizes large sums of money for their ads in an effort to raise awareness about their products, as well as draw new customers into the fold. This ultimately leads to a high cost associated with these motorcycles – but it all pays off.

What’s more, Harley Davidson has a dedicated customer base that does its part to market the brand and its offerings. This adds an extra layer of cost when purchasing a bike from this esteemed manufacturer.

The Reason Why Harley Davidson is So Expensive

Ultimately, the hefty price tag of Harley Davidson motorcycles is a byproduct of numerous contributing factors. These include the brand’s profound status and reputation, specialized production methods, customization opportunities, superior materials used for fabrication, meticulous research and development endeavors, as well as extensive marketing campaigns.

Though it may seem unreasonable to pay a high price for Harley Davidson motorcycles, the cost is ultimately worth it – these bikes are of top-notch quality and crafted with longevity in mind. Investing into one can be viewed as an investment that will bring back its value over time.

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