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Willie G Skull Meaning & History – Everything You Need To Know

The Willie G Skull logo that adorns many Harley’s is an interesting one, but in order to fully understand it and what it means, we must go through history and venture through everything that Willie G did in order to command such respect from the Willie G Skull meaning.

William G. Davidson, better known as Willie G., is the grandson of William A. Davidson, one of the original founders of Harley-Davidson. Willie G. is best known for shaking up the staid design department at Harley-Davidson with new and innovative ideas that helped usher in a new era for the Milwaukee-based company. He was part of the group of employees that bought the troubled company back from AMF and helped guide it to financial health during the 1980s.

Willie G’s Road To Customs

Born into a motorcycle-loving family, the thrill of riding in his father’s sidecar was imprinted on young Davidson. After finishing college with a degree in graphic art from the University of Wisconsin, he continued to pursue his passion by enrolling at the Art Center College of Design located in Pasadena, California.

While in California, Davidson stumbled across the emerging world of motorcycle customizing – a major inspiration for his designs later on. Following his studies, he took up work at various auto companies’ design departments such as Ford’s. During this time frame, Davidson also found pleasure and fulfilment in designing custom motorbikes as a pastime passion.

Willie G’s Life At Harley

In 1963, Bill Harley-Davidson – eager to contribute his unique design capabilities – accepted the invitation from Harley-Davidson’s design department. Despite Davidson’s enthusiasm for embracing new ideas, he often encountered opposition from upper management who viewed his designs as “radical” and impractical. Nevertheless, due to Davidson’s sheer willpower and unwavering confidence in himself and his vision for a more modernized look; older managers were eventually forced to capitulate.

Davidson’s ground-breaking design, the FX Super Glide, was one of his earliest creations that made it to production. This motorcycle introduced Harley-Davidson’s first attempt at a factory custom – combining aspects of both traditional models and the popular custom motorcycles being built in nearby shops with its iconic style.

Harley-Davidson, led by Willie G., acknowledged the increasing demand for choppers, cruisers and other customs with the creation of The Super Glide. This momentous launch in Harley’s history initiated a cascade of variations that would become some of their most successful models to date.

In 1969, Davidson was deservedly promoted to Vice President of Styling after playing a key role in aiding the thirteen company executives that pooled together the funds necessary to repurchase Harley-Davidson from conglomerate AMF and avoid bankruptcy. The new owners not only rescued the renowned motorbike brand but also transformed it into one of America’s most successful and profitable businesses over the past fifteen years!

What’s The Willie G Skull Meaning?

Renowned in many parts of the US, Wille G is an esteemed representative for both his family and Harley-Davidson. His unparalleled enthusiasm and contribution to the company have earned him legendary status.

The legendary Willie G Skull meaning serves as a lasting homage to the monumental impact that Willie G. had on Harley-Davidson, and his timeless designs are still celebrated even to this day.

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame honored Willie G. as a Legend for his legacy that transcends even Harley-Davidson designs, reaching the depths of his passionate and pioneering leadership.

Much like how his grandfather was an early innovator alongside William S. Harley and the other Davidson brothers, Willie G.’s boldness set him apart from others in paving new ways forward for the Harley-Davidson brand.

After an illustrious career, in 2012 Willie G. Davidson left his position as Senior Vice President and Chief Styling Officer with a lasting legacy of excellence.

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